Solar Water Solutions Oy

Solar Water Solutions makes clean water with solar power. Our innovation can revolutionize economies in the developing world, and the water-thirsty regions globally. Over 10 000 people around the world already enjoy our water every day.

486.94% Over now.
1,217,344.40 EUR

Progda Oy (Xampion)

Xampion is a game-changing performance tracker for footballers who want to develop their skills systematically. Xampion is a world-first in making unique, personal performance data available to players and coaches from grassroot to elite level.

128.12% Over now.
192,180.09 EUR

Abacus Diagnostica Oy

At Abacus, we are aiming for a future where doctors can confirm a patient’s diagnosis with a laboratory test during the first visit, without having to wait days for the test results.

289.9% Over now.
1,449,478.00 EUR

Invesdor Services SPV 1 Oy

Nukute is an Oulu-based health technology company that develops, markets and sells solutions to support the diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory and pulmonary diseases.

150.92% Over now.
452,766.00 EUR

Kiwatti Oy

Kiwatti provides flexible turn-key solutions for renewable energy production and storage applications. Company’s target is 100% revenue growth for the year 2020 and scaling up to international markets in the next coming years.

36.41% Over now.
72,813.00 EUR

Solidate Oy

Solidate helps over-indebted people get back on their feet. We desire to reform the credit market and do responsible and impressive business. Our owners include well-known players in the financial sector, such as ICECAPITAL, Taaleri and Thomasset.

109.12% Over now.
272,800.00 EUR

Naava Group

Naava is a Nordic technology company, based in Helsinki. By combining nature, tech, and design, Naava creates human-friendly indoor environments, improving customers’ wellbeing and reducing health costs.

74.53% Over now.
1,267,078.00 EUR

Omnichannel Retail Services Oy

Rekki is a Tampere based second-hand online store that offers an effortless and ecological way to buy and sell clothing. We turn used clothing into profitable business and are ready to build an international success story.

168.26% Over now.
252,384.72 EUR

Askel Healthcare Oy

Askel offers a unique way to rebuild joint surfaces for pain-free movement. COPLA® is a medical device already on the 250M€ market for animal health with excellent clinical results. The next step is to enter into the 2.2B$ human market.

151.07% Over now.
755,369.60 EUR

Myssyfarmi Oy

Myssy is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, known for wool accessories that are made by local grannies of local wool, but sold around the globe. We have proven our concept, and are ready to scale the grannies!

213.11% Over now.
426,282.72 EUR

Papu Design Oy

PAPU is a rapidly growing Finnish clothing and lifestyle brand, that has received a lot of attention internationally. Our goal is to become one of the leading European sustainable design clothing brands.

325.32% Over now.
487,975.00 EUR

Yeply Oy

Yeply’s mobile bike shop has expanded to Germany and is now ready to be scaled in the European markets. With this funding round, Yeply is seeking to rocket fuel its growth internationally!

193.47% Over now.
967,350.00 EUR

Renthia AB

Renthia is a digital platform connecting homeowners with tenants by automating 90% of long-term renting. After four years and a growth of 570%, the PropTech company is set to engage with the massive global rental market.

34.87% Over now.
1,743,720.00 EUR

Karhia Innovations Oy

KarhiaPro, patented in Europe and the USA, is the world’s first dog coat stripper with sales already in 26+ countries around the world. Now the company is ready to tap into the growth opportunity in Europe and the USA.

206.28% Over now.
206,276.84 EUR


Invitation to subscribe for shares in VICI IGAMING (PUBL) Pre-IPO

43.65% Over now.
1,527,660.80 EUR

Saladwerk Oy

Pupu is Finland’s first healthy fast casual restaurant chain with seven locations in Helsinki. The business is based on the current food and consumer trends, such as personal health and well-being.

45.17% Over now.
150,655.00 EUR

Injeq Oy

Lumbar punctures are critical in treating childhood leukemia. Injeq IQ-Tip™ needle knows the position of its tip, aiming to take the safety and success of lumbar punctures to a new level. This is but one of the many applications for the technology.

335.52% Over now.
1,677,597.50 EUR

AlvinOne Oy

When it comes to depression, anxiety and sleep deprivation, help is often late. AlvinOne analyses its users’ health and creates a safe channel that connects them with preventive services before illness occurs. Prevention is the best treatment.

34.18% Over now.
68,352.00 EUR

Pure Hero Oy (Powau)

POWAU is a leading “healthy foods and lifestyle” company, which aims to triple its revenue in Finland and to become an international enterprise.

179.81% Over now.
359,614.24 EUR

Oceanvolt Oy

Oceanvolt manufactures clean and silent electric motors for boating. With this funding round, Oceanvolt wants to scale its production, develop even more environment-friendly innovations and secure its position as a leading company in the industry.

335.77% Over now.
2,014,599.44 EUR

Solwers plc

Solwers is a growth company looking to change how technical construction consultation is done and reaching to do an IPO within a few year time.

146.32% Over now.
1,463,230.00 EUR

Livsdal Sverige AB

Livsdal engineer the world’s most efficient consumer air purifier. An unparalleled performance of certified filters eliminates traffic emissions, viruses, bacteria, toxic molecules, gases and other harmful particles.

40.27% Over now.
1,208,000.00 EUR

PCKT Money Oyj

There are almost 400,000 people in Finland with a payment default. Invest in PCKT and join us on our mission in educating the next generation – today’s children and youth – to be more responsible spenders and economists of their own lives.

118.48% Over now.
236,959.10 EUR

Shipfunk Oy

Shipfunk renews the way online stores manage their supply chain and consumer shopping experience. The pre-negotiated transport agreements allow the e-commerce operator to save time and save on transport costs.

34.1% Over now.
90,109.25 EUR

Nanso Group Oy

Our iconic brands have been renewed in a fresh and modern way. We have excellent prospects to grow our sales and our bold vision is to double our sales by 2023. Join us and fuel the growth for Nanso and Vogue brands!

84.48% Over now.
591,360.00 EUR

Wello Oy

Wello aims to enable about 10% of worldwide clean energy production by 2050 with the Penguin: the most durable, efficient device on the market capable of harnessing the power of ocean waves.

169.36% Over now.
1,693,625.15 EUR

Emmy Clothing Company Oy

Up to 60% of our clothing ends up gathering dust in the wardrobe. Reselling them reduces the need for producing new, reducing textile waste and pollution. This is where Emmy, Finland’s largest online store for second-hand brand clothing, comes in.

47.11% Over now.
235,572.00 EUR

OneMind Dogs Oy

OneMind Dogs has a unique training method and runs a growing international dog training business in the pet market worth over $70 bn annually in the US alone. Our next step is to launch an online puppy training program for all dog owners globally.

130.64% Over now.
457,237.60 EUR

Smartcart Oy

When did you last waste your time standing in an endless cashier queue? Its time to let you choose, whether to queue or not to queue.

53.96% Over now.
323,750.00 EUR

VEEN Waters Finland Oy

VEEN is a premium beverage company from Finnish Lapland focusing on natural waters and high-quality beverages. With 95% of business being export focused, VEEN is facing a strong growth opportunity in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East

122.98% Over now.
553,395.44 EUR

KomeroFood Oy

We want to offer the best way to prepare a delicious and healthy meal at home! KomeroFood brings joy and experiences to everyday life in an environmentally-friendly way. By investing in KomeroFood, you will be investing in the future of food.

136.58% Over now.
478,012.62 EUR

InsightsAtlas (Liilak Oy)

At the vanguard of the market, InsightsAtlas unleashes the benefits of an advanced AI already today by combining mass human intelligence with advanced machine algorithms. Invest in our preferred B-shares to support our international growth.

50.97% Over now.
254,854.40 EUR


Weecos is an online sustainable marketplace and ready to scale globally with the vastest range of sustainable products in the Nordic countries. Over 260 independent brands and a committed Weecos. Be a game changer with us!

202.14% Over now.
282,718.80 EUR

Taikina Capital Oy

We offer access to professionally selected, diversified portfolio of unlisted growth companies. We plan to list our shares on a public marketplace, enabling our investors to reach liquidity for the value growth of the portfolio.

52.22% Over now.
261,082.25 EUR

Valtavalo Oy

Replaceable Valtavalo LED tubes fit the trend of going against a throwaway culture. Durable LED lighting solutions save both company expenses and the environment.

48.33% Over now.
241,668.00 EUR

Naava (Naturvention Oy)

Naava is a Nordic healthtech company making smart air-purifying furniture green walls. Naava is on a mission to reconnect humanity with nature in the built environment with a disruptive combination of nature, technology, and design.

187.02% Over now.
1,870,158.40 EUR

Yeply Oy

Invest in our rapidly scalable business of mobile bike shops. Green values, urbanization, and healthy lifestyles are the megatrends boosting the bicycle industry. Let’s help together the millions of potential customers hiding in this untapped market.

150.76% Over now.
301,512.09 EUR

Invajo International Ab

Invajo is a fast growing service for managing event related invitations, bookings and attendees. Invajo has an impressive 600% client growth rate and Invajo is raising growth capital to aim for further user acquisition and international growth.

33.14% Over now.
3,085,277.00 EUR

Finnish Music Hall of Fame Oy

Finnish Music Hall of FAME provides an unique opportunity to enjoy music and theme restaurant. Whether you are a fan, family, tourist or music enthusiast, you are in for an experience like no other. Invest yourself to be part of the music history!

42.78% Over now.
128,349.00 EUR

Fafa’s Plats Oy

Fafa’s is a leading fast casual food chain in Finland, that is expanding at an exceptionally fast rate. The most significant franchise partner, S-Group, will enable rapid expansion throughout Finland.

357.65% Over now.
1,073,774.11 EUR

Huoleti Oy

With Huoleti no one is left alone. Huoleti is a digital service for patients and their loved ones. Build your own community of peers, friends, family and volunteer helpers to give and receive help easily. Huoleti is a support network in your pocket.

118% Over now.
180,540.00 EUR

Parkkisähkö Oy (Parking Energy)

The Electric Vehicle (EV) market is expected to grow rapidly over the next 20-30 years. Parking Energy provides massively scalable EV charging services for real estate market, commercial and residential buildings and car park operators to enable it.

128.89% Over now.
1,031,112.00 EUR

Klever Oy Ab

No more lost invoices or forgotten due dates, KLEVER makes paying bills easy and effortless for consumers! KLEVER is about to revolutionise payment methods, by combining mobile invoicing and invoice financing in a new, unique way.

184.23% Over now.
1,464,630.00 EUR

Melobee Music Revolution AB (publ)

Melobee is a discovery platform for independent music. It empowers listeners to discover new music tailored to their individual taste and provides artists with a self-controlled route to success, allowing them to monetise directly from fans.

109.16% Over now.
5,458,196.97 EUR

Mekitec Oy

With Mekitec you will invest in a technology company (SW, automation, electronics and mechanics), a company already up and running with revenues over €5M and with more than 700 food X-ray systems supplied in over 40 countries.

143.65% Over now.
2,154,768.00 EUR

Huhtanen Capital Oy

Huhtanen Capital Oy’s share offering 28. May–21. June 2018

40.14% Over now.
1,200,209.00 EUR

Williamshill Oy

Are you ready to reinvent your work(life)?

55.52% Over now.
55,520.00 EUR

Invesdor Ltd.

Invesdor is the leader in European Digital Fundraising with a proven track-record ready to start the next phase of growth by commercializing its proprietary technology platform.

186.59% Over now.
932,932.00 EUR


Treamer is a global born startup, developing an on-demand staffing platform. Our technology provides faster, easier and a transparent way to hire temp staff, disrupting the traditional staffing services. Model is highly scalable and proven, join now!

239.2% Over now.
358,798.15 EUR

Yepzon Oy

Yepzon Oy has a strong history of providing positioning services to consumers. Now the company is launching a leading 5G platform specifically for B2B and has signed a letter of intent in the U.S.

206.96% Over now.
931,321.20 EUR

SocialPool Holding Ltd. (more information in the Information on the issue terms section)

We’re building a global community around an engaging prediction app which focuses on English football. Our vision is to be the world’s leading social sports betting community.

51.04% Over now.
408,347.10 EUR

Distence Oy

Distence is an IoT technology company that introduces intelligence to industrial machines and equipment. We specialize in demanding environments in a fast growing market. Invest in a growing Finnish enterprise that offers intelligent IoT solutions!

52.1% Over now.
526,310.40 EUR

Tingent AB (publ)

Tingent is a fast growing consultant broker based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our business focuses on efficient sourcing and delivery of the most hard-to-obtain consultants on the market to the most progressive companies in the industry.

180.34% Over now.
5,419,217.50 EUR

Vere Oy

Vere will revolutionize the development of digital business. Invest in a rapidly growing company with an excellent client base.

217.9% Over now.
435,793.71 EUR

Sharetribe Oy

Sharetribe helps entrepreneurs and organizations create their own sharing economy platforms (like Airbnb or Uber) quickly and with a low budget. Our mission is to democratize the sharing economy by making platform technology accessible to everyone.

224.96% Over now.
1,124,800.00 EUR

The Mealplanner Europe Oy

At The MealPlanner, we believe that nutrition is medicine.
To be able to live healthier lives, we need to include proper nutrition as an integral part of medical treatment, but most importantly as the core element of disease prevention.

64% Over now.
160,000.00 EUR


Seabased is a global leader in the growing wave energy market. Our patented, turnkey technology delivers renewable energy from ocean waves to the grid. We have recently signed a 100 MW contract and are competitively priced in our target markets.

145.4% Over now.
7,269,818.00 EUR

Musopia Oy

Musopia aims to help hundreds of millions consumers to learn to play instruments and the 16 billion dollar musical instrument industry to increase their sales. With recent partnership news, we are now ready to take the next steps in our growth plan.

64.09% Over now.
274,963.92 EUR

Saladwerk Oy

Pupu (eng. Bunny) is Finland‘s first healthy fast casual restaurant chain where the business is based on food megatrends. The expansion has been rapid and the first four restaurants have been extremely well received.

172.76% Over now.
345,525.00 EUR

Master Garage Oy

Master Car is a growth-seeking trade-in car dealership which is specialised in imports and additional services. Our vision is to build a car dealership chain in Finland and then expand abroad. We love cars and it shows in everything we do!

42.75% Over now.
219,207.95 EUR

Zenz Owner Holding A/S

Zenz Organic Hair and Zenz Organic Products support the growing consumer demands for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We are the biggest green hairdressing chain in the Nordic countries and our products are sold by 700 resellers worldwide.

212.1% Over now.
3,923,840.00 EUR

Wello Oy

Wello is a Finnish clean energy company providing a wave energy based solution for power generation. With commitment and passion, the company has developed the Wello Penguin into a product that is now ready to be commercialized.

194.95% Over now.
1,949,503.15 EUR

Karli Foods Oy

We are the first in the world to bring unpasteurised and additive-free raw smoothies in self-service format to consumers where they are, in an internationally unique and scalable concept. Now you have the opportunity to smooth up the world with us!

60.17% Over now.
240,696.00 EUR

MoveSole Oy

Diabetics suffering from foot ulcers are in a greater risk of having to go under lower limb amputation. MoveSole Smart Insoles help healthcare professionals by measuring the effectiveness offloading at the clinics and outside with everyday usage.

113.64% Over now.
113,644.80 EUR


InvestorConnected helps entrepreneurs, investors and lenders make better decisions about the businesses they care about. Using the platform you can create pitches, generate financials and value businesses all in one place!

36.17% Over now.
36,169.60 EUR

Prasos Oy

Prasos is the leading bitcoin broker in the Nordics with expected revenue of 3.0 MEUR for the current financial year. Main services: Coinmotion, Denarium & The goal is to expand internationally and make bitcoin investing mainstream.

207.66% Over now.
1,557,556.00 EUR

Bookwell Digital Oy

Bookwell Digital has created a totally new way of manufacturing books that utilizes the latest technology and digital tools. This new solution revolutionises the whole industry and offers significant benefits to publishers.

30.57% Over now.
299,600.00 EUR