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Zenz Organic Hair and Zenz Organic Products support the growing consumer demands for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We are the biggest green hairdressing chain in the Nordic countries and our products are sold by 700 resellers worldwide.

The history of Zenz Organic: Healthy, sustainable, organic and natural

The founder of Zenz Organic Products is the Danish eco-conscious hairdresser Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen. She started the first green hair salon in Denmark back in 1999. Today, Zenz Organic Hairdressing has grown into a chain of seven sustainable green hair salons in Copenhagen area, the capital of Denmark.

​Already during her apprenticeship as a hairdresser, Anne-Sophie developed allergies towards traditional chemical hair products. In order to continue in the hairdressing business while helping others with the same problem, she began to develop healthier hair products.

In 2008 Jørgen Skjødt became co owner of Zenz and together they started to build the Zenz beauty concept. In 2010 Zenz launched the ecolabelled and professional haircare range Zenz Organic Hair. Several product lines as organic treatment oils, botanical henna, mineral make-up and recently sun and skin care, have since been added to the Zenz Organic Products portfolio.

Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen and Zenz have won several awards for both the products and hairdressing talent. She became Hairdresser of the Year at the Danish Beauty Award 2015 and Green Hairdresser 2014 and Green Producer 2014 at the Scandinavian Green Cosmetics Award.

The current Zenz Organic Concept has been in business since 2010. The strategy for the first years was to develop a portfolio of products to support the Zenz Salons with organic and natural products. From 2015 the company started to work with distributors and resellers and in 2016 the franchise concept was launched.

Zenz has two business divisions:

Zenz Organic Hairdressing
Premium hair salons with 7 salons in Copenhagen, franchise salons in Norway and Denmark and a concept salon in Australia, Iceland and Faroe Islands

Zenz Organic Products
Premium ecofriendly and allergy certified hair and beauty products sold in approximately 700 resellers around the world


In Zenz we want work towards a better world by taking responsibility and helping to develop a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. In our strategy we work to support 8 of the United Nations’ 17 goals for sustainable development.

The philosophy behind Zenz Organic Products is:

To offer the consumers healthy products and treatments

To create the best and healthiest professional product line

Taking the maximum respect for the environment

With focus on health, sustainability, being ecological and organic, Zenz aims to contribute to a healthier hairdressing experience for both the consumer and the hairdresser. We offer a complete allergy friendly product line with all the products a salon need. Also, we have developed the Zenz Pure line which are products without any scent and are particularly suitable for people with allergy, pregnant women, children and scent sensitive people.

With​ a growing demand for eco-friendly and healthier cosmetic products, Zenz wants to provide conscious consumers and hairdressers a healthier alternative to the many harmful products available on the market today. We want to satisfy everyone’s needs for beauty with respect to health and environment. Beauty and health are closely related and we therefore find it natural to be green, organic and sustainable.