Yepzon Oy

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Yepzon Oy has a strong history of providing positioning services to consumers. Now the company is launching a leading 5G platform specifically for B2B and has signed a letter of intent in the U.S.

Location services since 2013

Yepzon’s story began with an observation made by Yepzon’s founder and current chairman of the board, Otto Linna: in the EU and US alone, more than a million children disappear each year, and more than 100,000 of them are never found again. Once you’ve added lost pets and vehicles to the number, it is increased tenfold.

Otto got the idea for a locatable hoodie, which could help to prevent children from disappearing, and started to make his vision reality. The serial entrepreneur and part-owner of two children’s wearables companies put together a team of experienced investors. In 2013, Otto Linna founded Yepzon together with Minna Linna, Jani Hätönen, Mikko Kuitunen, Olli Gestranius, and Antti Nieminen.

In a matter of a few years, the vision grew into the modern-day Yepzon: a locating technology trailblazer and one of the most important players in its field.

In addition to location data, Yepzon provides a significant amount of other sensor data (such as collision, temperature, air humidity) for a variety of purposes. Today, the company holds a strong position in Europe, the United States, and India. On the Indian market — with its ever greater purchasing power — Yepzon’s fast growth is supported by Yepzon India, a joint venture founded in the fall of 2017 together with VVDN Technologies, as well as a local product development and production line. Thanks to Yepzon’s licensing and other partners (e.g., Tramigo, PocketFinder, Valmet), Yepzon has a strong presence in North America and the growing South American, African, and Asian markets.

Yepzon’s revenue has doubled every year since the company was founded. A location technology and security service provider from Tampere has become a strong global operator.

Our vision

In the world of the future, anything can be located. That future will be Yepzonized.

In the future, location or environmental data will no longer be dependent on a separate device; technology will be integrated. The Yepzon App is a leading platform that serves any locating need and, on top of that, provides a wide range of data about the device’s environment. Consumers, industry players, and other companies in the sector who license the platform use it to create their own new product innovations and solutions.

Meeting the targets we have set for ourselves and staying ahead of the competition are at the core of what we do — now and in the future. We want to be technological pacesetters. Responsibility is of utmost importance to us. We want to create long-lasting relationships, with our consumer customers and corporate customers alike.