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Are you ready to reinvent your work(life)?

Wonderland work-eat-drink is a new coworking space built completely around creative ways of working. A fancy string of words for working smart, not hard. Wonderland’s story started when a bunch of Helsinki-based entrepreneurs in urban culture, media, branding, restaurants and events teamed up with some international partners to reflect on the future of work.

Wonderland is more than an office space, it’s a lively community of networking professionals and significant events. A community that helps its members achieve their goals and dreams by encouraging collaboration between people whether it’s a case of exchanging services or business advise. Whether you’re looking to create culturally significant content, design a new icebreaker, build a graphic look for a new company or innovate a banking concept working from Wonderland will help you get from A to Z.

The first space for 200 or so members is located in Vallila’s Konepaja area and will open for members in August 2018. Wonderland is a hybrid of coworking facilities, Alice restaurant and cafe, flex working spaces, lounges and team rooms. We’ve also got a dozen creative studios, formerly known as meeting rooms. What elevates them to such are their individual interior design and equipment ranging from a movie studio to a meditation room done in collaboration with some of our favorite brands. For example, one of our meeting rooms doubles as a Makia shop and another one hosts a bar by Kyrö Distillery Company. The studios are first and foremost the creative stages for your meetings designed to trigger new ideas and move things along.