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Weecos is an online sustainable marketplace and ready to scale globally with the vastest range of sustainable products in the Nordic countries. Over 260 independent brands and a committed Weecos. Be a game changer with us!

Our consumption habits are insane. That’s a fact we, life-long friends Anna and Hanna, started to ponder seriously in 2011. Fast fashion had taken over in the late 90’s and changed attitudes radically – everything became almost worthless. Where had all the almost everlasting clothes gone? Who and in that conditions had these summer sandals been made? And to whose pockets my money from this dress really goes? We noticed that many of our close friends and relatives were pondering precisely the same.

There was a clear need for products that respect people and the planet. At the same time, bold, responsible brands were founded all the time in Finland and around the world. These brands, however, were very hard to find or far beyond reach. Although we tried, we couldn’t find a service were these responsible brands would have been gathered together. This inspired us to develop a solution – a digital centre of sustainable lifestyle, Weecos.

From the very first steps of Weecos, we have had two goals. First, we want that the quality products of the sustainable brands are easy to find by those customers who want to purchase products and services reliably and according to their values. Second, we want to change people’s attitudes towards a more conscious way to consume and a sustainable lifestyle. We must take care of our planet and keep it viable.

Our vision and mission

Weecos is the first marketplace in Finland and other Nordic countries focusing just on sustainable design and independent brands. The content of Weecos as well as the wide range of sustainable clothing, wellness and interior design products, are remarkably unique. There are even globally very few marketplaces that work with the same business concept.

Our vision is that within five years, Weecos is the digital home of the global Weecos tribe who want to be game changers and are looking for an inspirational, sustainable lifestyle. We believe in the power of community, reliability and transparency in everything we do.

Our mission is

  • to be the counterforce for disposable shopping culture.
  • unite sustainable designers and brands with conscious minds and encourage people to make purchase decisions easily according to their values.
  • to affect society and the environment positively, not exploit the planet.
  • create a more sustainable future together with inspirational design brands.

Our core values are

  • sustainability
  • power to the community
  • transparency
  • reliability
  • adventurous minds

Weecos is the pioneer of sustainable marketplaces

The first version of Weecos was launched in 2013. Back then marketplaces were not commonly known in Finland and in addition to the great operators, such as Amazon, there were only a few other marketplaces. We often heard that we were madly brave as we were developing technically such a challenging platform. We have strongly trusted in our vision, no matter what, and within five years Weecos has become the biggest and only marketplace in the Nordic countries that focuses only on sustainable, value-based design products. The main product categories are women’s clothing and accessories, children’s clothing, interior design and wellness products.


As an online marketplace, our business model works very differently compared to a traditional webstore as there is no storage in Weecos. Each brand maintains their own Weecos-shop and the customer can buy several products from various brands at the same time. After placing the order, the payment is automatically divided between the different brands and the brands send the orders to the customers from their storages themselves.

The next remarkable steps are taken in early 2019 as we launch the new Weecos.com. In the new version of Weecos, we offer our customers, among the first ones in the world, the possibility to filter products according to their values. We also start to produce more content for our customers and combine a digital marketplace and a digital journal. Weecos is changing from a platform to an inspirational lifestyle experience.

Now, we are looking for funding for global growth and the development of a platform, which encourages and gives inspiration to a sustainable lifestyle.

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#LivingWageWeek news: @TheCircleNGO has released its second Fashion Focus Report, proposing legal regulations to enforce transparency across garment supply chains and setting out the framework for garment workers to be paid a living wage. Find out more:

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Ensi vuoden seinäkalentereissa seikkailevat mm. metsän eläimet, erilaiset tisut, Helsingin kadut ja luonto. Suunniteltu ja valmistettu Suomessa 👌


#weecos #sustainablemarketplace #madeinfinland #kalenteri...

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Juhlakauden näyttävimmät ja värikkäimmät asut ja korut löydät Weecosista mm.näiltä kotimaisilta brändeiltä: Uhana Design ja Nouki(mekot), Törmi Design, Siru Collection ja YCM(korut). Inspiraatiota juhlakauteen 👉 https://t.co/X8OPtyuKAZ

#weecos #sustainablefashion #marketplace

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Kivat tissit -kalenteri on taas täällä! Helsinkiläisen Empty Walletin kalenterissa on kivat ja erilaiset tissit joka kuukaudelle😻

Muista tarkistaa omat/kaverin/rakastetun/rakastajan tissit kerran kuussa! #kivattissit #kalenteri #weecos


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Aikasi on rajallista, joten älä tuhlaa sitä toisen elämän elämiseen. Älä anna muiden ihmisten mielipiteiden hukuttaa omaa sisäistä ääntäsi. Ja mikä tärkeintä, rohkene seurata sydäntäsi ja intuitioasi. Jostain syystä ne tietävät, kuka todella haluat olla. -Steve Jobs