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Vere will revolutionize the development of digital business. Invest in a rapidly growing company with an excellent client base.

Vere – Business design with an emphasis on customer loyalty

Founded in 2015, Vere Oy is Finland’s leading business designer whose mission is to create growth for its customers.

Business design is a way of doing business development, which combines strategic skills, design thinking, and technological ability, but also humans in the center of change. Business design is about the modern operating methods required by the present digital age and agility in the development of businesses and organizations. The themes and goals set for our customer projects are crystallized in how concrete actions can create growth through new operating models, services, and competitive advantages.

When Juha Leppänen founded the company in late 2015, he was frustrated with the generally low customer satisfaction of ICT companies and the way the development challenges of businesses in the “digital age” were solved too heavily in terms of technology and expensive projects that often fail.

The more familiar operating model, service design, which is offered by Vincit, Gofore, Reaktor, and others, only provides a piece of the entity. According to an international study*, more than half of all service design projects never result in practical actions. The strategy work that takes place before the typical service design stages and the commercialization that happens after them are crucial for the results, and they are a seamless part of business design. The fast time-to-market of products and services and customer loyalty will be the most critical factors for the success of businesses in the future.

*Design for Service Innovation & Development Final Report

The business model and MRR

Vere’s business model is based on productized consulting and the building and adoption of digital services. The productized model is very profitable for Vere and guarantees quality for our customers. A growing part of our revenue is based on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) agreements (application management, outsourcing, sales and marketing automation). Our goal is to produce 50% of our revenue by MRR.

We are now looking for investors to join our growth story. During the first two years, we have invested in developing our services and formed top level customer relationships. Now it’s time to hit the accelerator and, for that purpose, we have launched an issue of shares on Invesdor’s funding platform.

Our goal is strong growth in three areas

  1. Consultative business based on a productized model
  2. Licensing methods and our own IPR (= Intellectual Property Rights* ) particularly to large companies
  3. Owning the spin-off companies born through our projects and taking them to international markets.

For our owners, this provides an opportunity to also become part of global, scalable service, and product business.

* IPR refers to intellectual property rights regarding trademarks, technology and services.

Our dream and ambition

In 2021, our goal is to be the thought leader of business design. Our dream is to build a business model where we offer our customers Growth as a Service. This is enabled by business design and our superior skills in sales and marketing technologies. For the customer, the GaaS model eliminates the buying threshold and, for Vere, it provides an opportunity to significantly scale business.


During our first two years of operation, we have implemented several demanding customer projects, and our customers are very happy with us.

Vere and 3 Step IT combined their forces in a business design project whose goal was to discover and build future business and service models that support sustainable growth.
Vere has a professional crew and a good attitude regarding getting things done.”
Marko Tarkiainen, CEO
3 Step IT Oy

Vere acted as Insta Group’s strategic partner through business design.
“Vere’s operating model is a new and refreshing way of building strategic actions and committing interest groups to change.”
Henry Nieminen, President & CEO
Insta Group

Vere acts as the developer of digital services and the service experience for the Invalidisäätiö.
“It is only through renewal that we will be able to create societal influence and economic growth. Vere plays a key role in making this possible.
Leena Hallamaa, Asiakkuusjohtaja

Vere helped Nixu improve their customer understanding and develop their customer management.
“Vere has been an excellent partner for developing Nixu’s sales and marketing. Working with them is easy and the results are top quality. Highly recommended!”
Valtteri Peltomäki, CCO
Nixu Oyj

We act the way we teach, and we believe that customer loyalty will be the key to the success of a business in the toughening and increasingly internationalizing competition. We produce value for our customers and seek to surprise them positively every day. A satisfied customer will grow into a loyal customer who also forms the basis for our own growth.

The name Vere comes from Latin and describes our philosophy mentioned hereinabove.

  • Vere [weː.reː] = truly, actually, rightly, truthfully
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