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Replaceable Valtavalo LED tubes fit the trend of going against a throwaway culture. Durable LED lighting solutions save both company expenses and the environment.

Daring and believing in what we do, even in the face of a world seemingly going the other way, are hallmarks of Valtavalo. Our company has followed its own vision, instead of imitating others.

Even the founding of the company took guts amidst the financial crisis in 2008. The company was founded on a completely new innovation, the LED tube light. This was something completely new on the market: the product was so new that Finnish had no word for it, so Valtavalo coined the term valoputki, “light tube”.

A Chinese manufacturer was contracted for initial runs, but production was soon brought back to Finland – at a time when outsourcing everything was still the trend.

Valtavalo was able to pull off this reversal thanks to winning over noteworthy industrial customers, the rapid growth in net sales giving us the confidence to carry out the sizable initial investment, and manufacturing automation solutions becoming more advanced and affordable.

Furthermore, Chinese production seemed unlikely to be able to satisfy the quality requirements of the highly demanding industrial customers.

The first Valtavalo LED tube to be completely designed and produced in Finland was made in 2012. This record-breaking product laid the foundation of Valtavalo’s reputation as a manufacturer of durable and extremely long-life professional lighting products.

Quality has become an important part of the identity of our company. Among other things, we offer an exceptional seven-year warranty for our products. Compared to consumer-orientated products, Valtavalo products have higher quality and durability.

Replaceability is sustainable development

We at Valtavalo have always believed in the benefits of replaceable light sources, even while the rest of our industry preferred integrated LED solutions with fixed light sources. Our LED tubes can also replace old fluorescent tubes, which makes the solution that much more appealing.

Replaceable LED light sources are an excellent answer to the trend that opposes a throwaway culture. Even basic logic says that replacing a tube will be both eco-friendlier and more cost-effective than throwing out an entire luminaire to buy a new one.

EU regulations are also gearing up to support this view. The Ecodesign Directive, which may come into effect in 2021, includes banning luminaires with fixed light sources throughout the European Union.

Valtavalo in a nutshell

  • The leading manufacturer of LED tubes in the Nordic countries
  • Based in Finland: production and logistics in Kajaani, main office in Oulu
  • Nationwide sales network in Finland
  • Branch office in Sweden, sales offices in Germany and the Netherlands
  • 10+ distributors around Europe
  • ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified

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