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Treamer is a global born startup, developing an on-demand staffing platform. Our technology provides faster, easier and a transparent way to hire temp staff, disrupting the traditional staffing services. Model is highly scalable and proven, join now!

Campaign news: 

8.5.2018: Arctic15 and Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) have nominated Treamer as one of the 2018 TOP 30 Startups in the Nordic and Baltic. 


Treamer was founded in 2015 by startup veterans Peter Sazonov, Maija Itkonen, Matias Mäkitalo and Miikka Mäkitalo with the vision of creating a new fast-paced but fair marketplace for jobs.

All started in Jyväskylä, at the home of Matias Mäkitalo. Matias had wondered how to help young people to find work more easily and participated in entrepreneur event hosted by Bruce Oreck back in November 2014 at the US Embassy.

There, Matias pitched a concept of a digital service for young people to find local small jobs and thus take their first steps into working life. One of the listeners was Maija Itkonen, a serial entrepreneur who understood the huge potential of the idea. Maija immediately contacted her colleague Peter Sazonov with whom she had successfully built a company called Powerkiss. Maija was now proposing something new, a startup with a great business opportunity but also solving major social challenges. 

Peter remembered still very vividly the challenges young people are facing when looking for their first work experience, especially with a foreign background. Peter saw in Treamer an opportunity to create a new service that could change lives. Miikka Mäkitalo, brother of Matias joined the team and Treamer was born.

The service was released in the spring of 2016, and soon became a hit among small and medium-sized companies looking for new ways to replace the old-fashioned but very needed staffing services. 

Today, there are hundreds of people working through Treamer each month, Treamer’s monthly sales are nearly €40 000 and 2018 sales forecasts are exceeding €1 million.

Our vision is to be the Europe’s leading digital staffing platform.


Today, most of the work ordered through Treamer is casual day labour – staff for events, promotions, maintenance, warehousing and assistive office tasks. Treamer has become very popular among students, immigrants and other people used to working through staffing agencies.

Treamer has digitized the structure of the staffing services by creating smart matchmaking technology and getting rid of unnecessary operational structures. This results in much lower costs for the end customer without compromising the salary level of the people hired.

Given the brilliant staffing technology developed, Treamer allows the companies to find temp staff even for a few hours of work as well as for a few weeks – in just a matter of minutes.


The service is very easy to take into use. In practice, a person who wants to work through Treamer downloads the application to either iPhone or Android, fills the required information for himself and verifies his/her identity. After that, he is ready to take open jobs in his own area that fit his profile.

When businesses are looking for staff, they publish their available jobs on the service. Workers apply for the jobs and the business selects the most suitable candidates based on their profiles. They can interview candidates, chat, review and pay the salary, all inside the Treamer application.

The reviews are in the core of the personal career path – each and every shift is reviewed. The reviews work as a direct feedback but more importantly, as a digital CV. With the help of the reviews, workers can ensure that the businesses hiring them can see how well the have been working in the past. With good reviews, one can be hired for work that might otherwise be out of their reach. With the help of technology, we can provide incredible opportunities for both businesses and the workers, being fair for everyone.

For companies, it is quick and easy to hire shift workers, because Treamer handles all the costs and bureaucracy for them.


All work done through Treamer is under official employment contracts following the local labour laws. Treamer automatically ensures that the pensions, taxes and social contributions are paid accordingly. After each completed work shift, both parties automatically receive proof of work and payment certificates to their email.

The employee’s salary is currently paid within 2-3 business days. Our development team is working hard in order to speed up this part of the process.

Over 10,000 employees have signed up to the service from all over Finland. Treamer is something different: mobile, easy to use and thus lowers the threshold of participating even in short-term jobs. Because of the nature of the service, Treamer is encouraging people to work.

The beauty of the digital work placement is in its democratic essence. 0 and 1 do not take a stand on where you come from, but to who you want to be. Treamer gives everyone the opportunity to prove their skills in the labor market. During Treamers short history, we have created incredible career success stories and one of our missions is to simply bring good to the world.

Technology can make job placement and shift working more transparent and fair for everyone. Everyone wins when they are in Treamer.