Tingent AB (publ)

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Tingent is a fast growing consultant broker based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our business focuses on efficient sourcing and delivery of the most hard-to-obtain consultants on the market to the most progressive companies in the industry.

Tingent was founded by Mattias Blohm and Daniel Laurén in 2015 to meet new demands in the rapidly changing tech industry. Both founders already had extensive experience from the consultant broker industry. Daniel had previously founded the consultant broker firm Madeo, which was later sold to ZeroChaos in 2011, while Mattias had worked for both of these companies and already knew the ins and outs of the industry.

Tingent today consists of a mix of people with backgrounds in tech recruiting, consultancy brokerage, staffing, marketing and business development—a team carefully composed in order to create the best possible foundation for our business to grow.

Our goal from day 1 has been to develop Tingent into a major player in the tech industry. Now, after 3 years, we have proved that our business model works. We work with every type and size of organization, from local startups to global unicorns, and we have one of the largest networks of high-end tech consultants in the marketplace.

-We have placed over 260 consultants with our clients.

-We reached SEK 113 Mkr in turnover in 2017.

-We achieved an annual growth rate of 138% in 2017.

Our ability to source and deliver the most hard-to-obtain consultants in the market makes us unique. This ability has been a keystone factor in our rapid growth in our first three years of operations and for our continuously improving market position.

Where we’re heading

We have a healthy and prosperous business but we are not satisifed yet. We now aim to grow even faster and to follow our customers to new markets in the years to come.

We have developed our organizational structure to support rapid growth and to take full advantage of the opportunities we see in the market. In the next 3–5 years, our target is to establish Tingent as a leading brand for contingent workforce management with a presence in every major tech hub in Europe.

The funding raised in this round will primarily be used to strengthen our position in the Swedish market, but also to lay an organizational foundation that will support our planned cross-border expansion.

Our plans for the next 24 months also includes a listing. In order for us to go forward with this decision we need to follow our budget according to plan and the listing market needs to stay favourable 

We are doing this as a prerequisite for gaining access to some of the biggest clients in the market, which will help us to grow even more aggressively in the future.