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Solwers is a growth company looking to change how technical construction consultation is done and reaching to do an IPO within a few year time.

We’re eager to provide high quality planning and consulting services with a new business model. Built environment consists of several different divisions such as rock planning for tunnels and planning for rails, roads, bridges, buildings and all other structures in the surrounding. Planning the structure of built environment needs very special and niche knowledge – and we want to provide it in all divisions.

The leading management of Solwers has over twenty-five years of experience in planning and consulting of construction business. They have seen how the business has changed in the hands of digitalization and automation – and gathered the best ideas and practices together. When planning in general, why not start by planning your own business in the most productive way first. Technical consulting is a very conservative business, and most of it has always been done in the same way. Solwers wants to introduce a new way to organize the structure and offering of a multidisciplinary consultant company.

Construction is one of the few sectors where business is being made all the time, everywhere, and technical consultants are needed in every construction project. Roads, bridges, buildings, tunnels etc. – all of them require the type of services that Solwers offers.

The way to do this, is to employ the very best, professional, and most passionate people – and then let them do what they do best. The largest companies tend to work with procedures that are needed for running big organizations, and this can be very frustrating for experts who want to focus on project work. The smaller companies again can’t offer interesting career opportunities and individual development like bigger ones.

Solwers differs from the competition by offering the best of both worlds: group synergies in sales, finance, administration and development; and simultaneously the agile efficiency of semi-independent, smaller units. Employees like it, customers like it – and shareholders like it.

The companies of Solwers are all among top performers in their own fields, such as architecture, building-, road-, bridge- and rock construction planning; as well as environmental measurements to mention a few. Now Solwers consists of the parent company, Solwers Oyj, and 16 subsidiary companies, with the final number of companies expected to settle between 20-30 to achieve full-service offering to customers.

From the beginning Solwers’ plan has been at some point to apply for public listing of its shares. At the time of this share issue these plans still exist, but realization of the potential listing and its timing are dependent on many circumstances including, but not limited to, the prevailing market situation and stage of development of the company.  The decision on the listing of company’s shares is finally made by competent stock exchange.

Boosting growth by acquisitions

While the companies of Solwers also grow organically, the biggest growth driver is carefully selected business acquisitions. Solwers’ management is continuously looking to acquire companies which are established and profitable and can grow even better as part of the Solwers network and at the same time create synergies for the other Solwers companies. Revenue growth above 50% (2017=> 2018) while being profitable, gives confidence that this strategy is working.

Solwers in a nutshell:

•       A new, efficient way to offer services in technical consulting – a market with a huge potential

•       The guideline of all operations: Profitable growth, both organically and by systematic acquisitions

•       Additional growth expected from digitalization of monitoring services

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