Shipfunk Oy

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Shipfunk renews the way online stores manage their supply chain and consumer shopping experience. The pre-negotiated transport agreements allow the e-commerce operator to save time and save on transport costs.

The idea of ​​a better customer experience

Our founders had a mutual experience in shopping online. Shopping went fine until payment, but both our founders hoped that they could have chosen a more convenient way of delivery: For one, the speed of delivery was essential as for the other picking up the delivery from local grocery store would have been easiest but couldn’t be done because of limited choice in shipping companies. In addition, both orders were delayed from the expected schedule and the Online Stores failed to communicate about it, which created additional frustration. We decided to develop a solution that provides online stores with tools for low-cost delivery in a cost-effective and high-quality manner.

Consumer-driven need for better solutions

Nowadays, e-commerce customers want to use more versatile delivery options and decide how products are delivered to them. Customers expect faster deliveries and more transparency in the delivery time of their order. Nonetheless, they are not prepared to pay for the delivery significantly, but in fact, the cost of delivery is a hindrance on online shopping. For example Zhu & Zhan (2010), Simoni (2011), Bower & Maxham (2012), Koukova (2012) and Di Fatta et. al. (2016) have researched the matter. Shipfunk solves this conflict and offers e-merchants the keys to developing their business cost-effectively.