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Pupu (eng. Bunny) is Finland‘s first healthy fast casual restaurant chain where the business is based on food megatrends. The expansion has been rapid and the first four restaurants have been extremely well received.

Our vision is to build a restaurant chain supported by the current food megatrends

-Adding more vegetables to everyday diets

-General health awareness and personal well-being

-Environmental issues and reducing meat consumption

We believe that the environmental concern for the future is linked to eating habits. The green revolution of food is already happening in the media. This means emphasizing healthy and clean choices in eating. It also means more demanding customers who prefer a plant-oriented food and want it fast – without compromising the quality.


Food with purpose

We decided that healthy plant-based food no longer needs to be a depressing compromise – in order to hit mainstream it has to satisfy the needs of a demanding customer with the same qualities as full-service restaurant food: delicacy, artistry and enjoyment. Our gastronomic salads were born – delicious and energizing food that will leave a smile on your face.

The first Pupu was launched in downtown Helsinki only about a year ago. The concept was an immediate hit and the success shows no signs of slowing down. The newest restaurant at Citycenter mall (also downtown Helsinki) was launched mid-December and the previous daily sales records were broken right away.

Based on our first year of operation: there is a serious demand for easily available, delicious and healthy plant-focused food.


Pupu today

During the first operating year, we opened four new restaurants in the downtown Helsinki:

-Punavuori (Uudenmaankatu 13)

-Center (Mannerheimintie 4)

-Kallio (Hämeentie 36)

-Shopping Center Citycenter (Kaivokatu 8)

Our efficiency is based on the central kitchen, which serves all the needs of our restaurants. We also produce salads for our digital sales channels (Wolt, Foodora and Posti) via that.