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Pupu is Finland’s first healthy fast casual restaurant chain with seven locations in Helsinki. The business is based on the current food and consumer trends, such as personal health and well-being.

Pupu was founded around late 2016 when we realised that sustainable food future requires actions.

The demand for healthy and responsible food is growing. Busy urban consumers seek food with better quality and more vegetables. In this new dynamic, demanding consumers want their food with minimal effort and are willing to pay a premium for it.

To match this demand we have already opened seven locations in downtown Helsinki. Our vision is to build a leading Nordic healthy fast-casual chain, where our business is based on delicious food and several global food and consumer trends:

  • Well-being and health
  • Reducing meat consumption and adding more vegetables to diets 
  • Conscious consuming and mitigating climate change


Last year we completed our first equity offering on the Invesdor platform. The offering was fully subscribed. With the new funding we tripled our turnover and became a household name in Helsinki.

Now it’s time for a new growth leap. The green food revolution has to expand further on. We will strengthen our position as the Finnish trailblazer of healthy and responsible fast casual. In the light of the current food and consumer trends, our story is now more actual than ever.


Never compromise on pleasure

Food rich on vegetables no longer needs to compromise on deliciousness. Built the right way, healthy and tasty salads attract customers with discerning palates. Made from pure ingredients, our handmade salads are an unprocessed, healthy and nourishing option that guarantees a smile on your face. Unlike many other fast casual options, one can enjoy our salads on a daily basis, guilt-free!

We opened our first physical location in downtown Helsinki in February 2017. The concept was an instant success and the popularity has grown in pace with further expansion. Last year we opened two new restaurants at central Helsinki locations: at Stockmann’s flagship store and in the Finnkino Tennispalatsi, Kamppi.

After two years of operation, we now run seven Pupu restaurants in the heart of Helsinki and employ more than 40 people:

  • Kallio (Hämeentie 36)
  • Kamppi (Annankatu 21)
  • Stockmann (Pohjoisesplanadi 41)
  • Tennispalatsi (Fredrikinkatu 65)
  • Töölö (Runeberginkatu 59)
  • The shopping centre CityCenter (Kaivokatu 8)
  • The shopping centre REDI (Hermannin rantatie 5)


In February, we opened our seventh, 22-seat restaurant on Runeberginkatu. Besides the physical location, it also further expands our food delivery area to cover several new neighbourhoods in Helsinki. In 2019, we will open the first restaurants in Turku and/or Tampere, outside the metropolitan area. We are preliminarily planning on starting our internationalisation from Stockholm in 2020. 


Healthy salads and further development of product range

Our artisan salads are created from pure ingredients. Currently emerging food and consumer trends are reflected in our products to a degree that our customers keep coming back. Our menu covers both the popular classics and our latest new flavours.

“If you crave a salad that makes you smile for the rest of the day, you should go and eat at Pupu. Whatever you choose from the menu, you won’t be disappointed.” (customer feedback, 2018)

Our edge is to offer high-quality, tasty and clean food quickly. Our mission is to improve people’s well-being and to facilitate the choice for a sustainable option. We breath conscious consumption, from picking the right ingredients – up to the biodegradable packing materials.

We favour organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Our salads are always built from fresh and pure ingredients. With the same mindset, our delicious dressings are made without any preservatives or added sugar. Whether it’s a classic or a novelty salad – our customers always know what they are eating. We also listen to our customers. A recent product developed on the grounds of customer feedback, is our picnic bag which was sold around May Day.

We are committed to constantly improve our selection, while keeping in mind what we do well. There is a clear demand for our healthy product in the fast-casual segment. In addition we have plans to launch Pupu brand to retail grocery; for instance the dressings already familiar from our salads could be a product.