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OneMind Dogs has a unique training method and runs a growing international dog training business in the pet market worth over $70 bn annually in the US alone. Our next step is to launch an online puppy training program for all dog owners globally.

OneMind Dogs was founded in 2012 by a group of passionate professional dog behavior experts, agility coaches and innovators. The OneMind Dogs training method was created by one of our founders, Janita Leinonen, when her Border Collie Tekla suddenly lost her hearing in 2003.

Janita had previously relied on verbal commands when training and competing with Tekla. Now, she was faced with a tough choice: stop agility training or come up with a new way to communicate with her dog.

Janita’s research and experiments with subtle body language and physical signals took her into a whole new world of understanding and communicating with her dog. She learned to see training from her dog’s perspective, and quickly realized that non-verbal commands were a powerful and underexplored communication tool.

Quickly this led Janita and Tekla to being recognized by everyone for their unique, silent understanding. Tekla’s deafness did not put a stop to their career – instead, they went on to win several championship titles in various agility competitions.

With the help of Tekla, Janita learned to listen. Their determination and love for each other evolved into the OneMind Dogs method.

picture of how one mind dogs method works

The OneMind Dogs method is based on dogs’ natural behavior and point of view; what the dog sees and how the elements of handling affect it. We don’t teach the OneMind Dogs method to dogs. All dogs everywhere in the world already know it. We teach it to humans – who can easily learn to “speak dog”.

Over the years, OneMind Dogs has gained a loyal and devoted community in the dog agility world and the number of our members continues to grow.

We initially built our business around dog agility, the most competitive dog sport with a passionate niche following. This experience has enabled us to develop a high-quality dog training method and model for a successful subscription-based online business. We have also figured out the most effective ways to engage our audience and build a loyal customer base on a global scale.

Why Invest in OneMind Dogs?

  • We have a stable training business with over EUR 3M cumulative revenue. The majority (about 70%) of the revenue in our current business comes from North America where we operate through our 100% owned subsidiary OneMind Dogs Inc. 
  • Our revenue model in the online business is subscription based, creating a more predictable revenue stream.
  • We have a network of over 100 coaches, instructors and trainees in 13 different countries who are ramped up to help people train their puppies to become their dream dogs.
  • We’ve already trained 100,000 dogs and 50,000 owners and have a very loyal and engaged customer base around the world.
  • We have our own, validated dog training method, based on science and understanding the dog’s point of view.
  • We’ve hacked the code for scaling the dog training for a large audience while keeping the quality high.
  • Our next step is to launch an online puppy training program for all new dog owners around the world.
  • The market momentum for a high-quality online dog training service is now. The total number of dogs continues to boom, and so does the overall spending on dogs. More and more people are treating their dogs like children, fur babies. At the same time, dog-related behavioral problems, like dog attacks, are widely acknowledged. All this creates a huge demand for easy, accessible, fun and effective online dog training. Our solution is meeting this demand.
  • Our current investors include names like: Lifeline Ventures and Gorilla Ventures.

Vision & mission

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners. We are passionate about increasing the mutual understanding between the dog and the owner, making life together more enjoyable for both. Our core values are passion, fun, and endless imagination.

Our goal is to be the global leader in puppy training. By 2022, we aim to have trained one million puppy parents as amazing dog owners.

OneMind Dogs
OneMind Dogs14 hours ago

Three spots in the top-10 for OneMind Dogs in the Finnish Agility Championships! Leading OneMind Dogs Coach Jaakko Suoknuuti & Border Collie Dao, congratulations on the 9th place! 😍🤩

Finnish Agility Teams are competing for the team champion titles today. Watch the...

OneMind Dogs
OneMind Dogs15 hours ago

Congratulations Leading OneMind Dogs Coach Mikko Aaltonen & Border Collie Syke 🥰🥳 They were placed 7th at the Finnish Agility Championships yesterday!

Mikko and Syke made an excellent run on the qualifying course and placed 2nd, but a small mistake on the...

OneMind Dogs
OneMind Dogs16 hours ago

Finnish Agility Champions 2019: Inventor of the OneMind Dogs Method Janita Leinonen and her soulmate, Border Collie Fu 🏆😍 Congratulations Janita and Fu, you're the best!

Finnish Agility Championships continue today with the team competition. Watch it live for free at

OneMind Dogs
OneMind Dogs2 days ago

Tune in to Finnish Agility Championships 2019 this weekend! 🇫🇮🏆 Watch the free live stream at

OneMind Dogs
OneMind Dogs3 days ago

WELCOME TO FINLAND 🇫🇮 and the FCI Agility World Championship 2019! We may be a bit biased, but we really can’t think of many more fun places for dogs and their people to travel to than Finland!

OneMind Dogs
OneMind Dogs3 weeks ago

A new episode of the International Training Week agility seminar online is out! Learn the correct timing to use when cueing turns. ✅

Attend a OneMind Dogs seminar from your home sofa! Watch full episode at 💎

OneMind Dogs3 weeks ago

Coming Up: International Agility Training Week - Trap obstacle and the Weaves - preview

OneMind Dogs3 weeks ago

Finnish firm OneMind Dogs wants to be the leading puppy training provider in the world by 2022 @OneMindDogs #Finland #dogs #training #PuppyTraining #pets...