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Our iconic brands have been renewed in a fresh and modern way. We have excellent prospects to grow our sales and our bold vision is to double our sales by 2023. Join us and fuel the growth for Nanso and Vogue brands!

Short summary of Nanso Group Oy

  • Nanso Group Oy is a brand company, which operates two iconic, well-known fashion brands, Nanso and Vogue
  • Our company was founded in 1921 in Nokia, Finland and we still have 100% Finnish ownership
  • Our net sales in 2018 was approximately 17,9 MEUR
  • Nanso Group Oy, the company behind the brands, has also been completely renewed over the past 3 years: we have successfully implemented a fundamental change from a traditional clothing manufacturer into a modern brand company.
  • We have a bold vision to double our sales by 2023 and we are now looking for funds to fuel the growth!


Our story

We all love authentic and inspiring brands that resonate with our personal values. Our brands address the growing consumer trends: authenticity, sustainability, well-being and Finnish lifestyle. Nanso-brand is highly valued for its Finnish roots.

We operate two iconic, well-known fashion brands, Nanso and Vogue, which both have been completely renewed. Nanso is one of the most well-known fashion brands in Finland [1, 2], established in 1921 in Nokia, Finland. Nanso offers signature prints and wardrobe essentials inspired by relaxed and uncomplicated Finnish lifestyle. Vogue is an internationally recognized fashion brand [3], launched in 1934 in Malmö, Sweden. Vogue offers everyday luxury with perfect fit, designed with subtle details and premium yarns to generate a quiet sense of luxury.

Finnish clothing business was suffering for a long time and we have had our share of tough times, but now we experience a growing interest in Finnish clothing and lifestyle brands, such as Marimekko, Makia, BYPIAS, Nosh, The Other Danish Guy, Gugguu, Papu, Billebeino, Finlayson, etc.

Nanso Group Oy, the company behind the brands, has also been fundamentally renewed over the past 3 years: we have successfully implemented a fundamental change from a traditional clothing manufacturer into a modern brand company. Our new mode of operation is more consumer-driven and it has resulted in improved brand image, cost efficiency, lower net working capital needs and improved flexibility. Accordingly, our 2H18 turned profitable on EBITDA-level and we expect to make a positive result for the full year 2019 on EBITDA-level.

From financial perspective, our vision is to double our sales and gain a healthy 10% EBITDA-level by 2023. Our sales growth is driven by 3 main elements: omnichannel-driven retail business in Finland for Nanso-brand, international wholesale business for Vogue-brand and licensing business for both brands. We already have tangible progress supporting each of these growth elements: sales of Nanso -products in our existing retail stores have already increased three years in a row (+45% from 2015 to 2018), wholesale pre-orders for 1H19 Vogue -products have already increased +23% (vs. 1H18), largest Finnish clothing retailer Prisma starts to sell Vogue products in their hypermarkets and we are starting two new licensing businesses with Nanso -brand in 2019.

We are now seeking for additional funds to fuel the growth for our iconic Nanso and Vogue brands. Join us!


Why should I invest?

There are many reasons to invest in us, but here are perhaps the Top Three:

  1. You have potential for a great financial investment. We have solid growth potential for both Nanso and Vogue, and we have existing facts supporting our growth strategy. Our aim is to double the sales at a healthy 10% EBITDA-margin by 2023. As we are only at the beginning of our growth path, we feel the share price is still very reasonable compared to the growth potential. Our well-known brands and existing customers separate us from the start-ups, thus lowering the risks for investors. Provided that our business develops according to our estimates, our aim is to list the company’s shares in First North marketplace in 2021-2023 timeframe, providing a natural exit path for your investment.
  2. You promote sustainable, Finnish fashion. Make a difference. By helping us grow, you help us to fight against “fast fashion” and “throwaway culture”, which our planet cannot sustain anymore. We believe less is more: we should all buy less clothes and use them longer. Our products are built to last and we treat all people in our ecosystem with respect. For us, sustainability has been part of our values and actions for almost 100 years.
  3. You become an owner for the iconic brands. It is not everyday you have a chance to become an investor in a Finnish fashion and brand company, hosting two iconic brands, Nanso and Vogue. Both of the brands are authentic, inspiring, well-known and well-respected. Brands are the most valuable asset we have, together with the great people who develop and nurture them. This is your chance, join the “Nanso-team”! Enjoy the benefits of being an owner: hear about news and see the collections before others and be part of the larger team, which is now creating a new success story in Finnish fashion!


[1]   According to a study by Finnish Textile & Fashion organization, 87% of Finnish women recognize Nanso -brand and 15% names Nanso -brand as their favorite brand (TNS Kantar Oy, 12/2017, internet interviews with 1052 Finnish women between ages 18-75).

[2]   According to a Nanso -brand study by Nanso Group Oy, Nanso -brand is the 2nd most well-known women’s fashion brand in Finland (Dagmar, 9/2014, internet interviews with 512 Finnish women between ages 18-69).

[3] According to a Vogue -brand study by Nanso Group Oy, Vogue -brand is the 3rd most well-known hosiery brand in Finland (Dagmar, 9/2014, internet interviews with 512 Finnish women between ages 18-69).

Nanso14 hours ago

Suosikit alkusyksyn viileneviin päiviin: KAARNA-neule ja YLLE-takki.

Stellan valitsemat tuotteet vielä tänään -25% verkkokaupassa. Ostoksille tästä:

Nanso3 days ago

Näyttävän Nostalgia-kuosin on suunnittelut helsinkiläinen Tanja Valta. Kuosin ideointi alkoi perheen yhteisellä pidemmällä Taiwanin matkalla. Tanja vietti päivät lasten kanssa kierrellen puistoja ja ihaillen kasvien ja erityisesti kukkien runsautta. Nostalgia sisältää eksoottisia kukkia pohjoismaalaisella tulkinnalla.

Tutustu ja ihastu Nostalgia sarjaan:

Nanso3 days ago

Sadepäivien pelastaja.

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Nanso3 days ago

Parhaat asiat elämässä kestävät aikaa – niin myös Nanson vaatteet.

Muistathan, että tarjoamme kanta-asiakkaille elokuussa kaikki paidat ja tunikat -20%. Tarjous on voimassa myymälöissä ja verkkokaupassa. Ostoksille tästä:

Nanso4 days ago

Kun vanhasta vaatteesta on valmis luopumaan, voi sen nyt antaa helposti eteenpäin hyötykäyttöön seuraavalle asiakkaalle.

Lähdemme mukaan edistämään tekstiilien kierrättämistä aloittamalla Recci-yhteistyön. Nanson myymälöistä löytyviin kierrätyslaatikoihin on nyt mahdollista palauttaa vanhat vaatteet, kengät, laukut ja korut. Recci-kierrätyslaatikot löytyvät Nanson Tammiston, Hämeenlinnan ja...

Nanso5 days ago

Graafinen Puomi on ailahtelevan alkusyksyn mieluisin ja helpoin vaate.

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Nansoshop4 years ago

Olemme halunneet uskoa kotimaisen työn tuomaan lisäarvoon. Yhtiön jatkuvuuden turvaamiseksi Nanson trikootuotanto lopetetaan syksyllä 2016.

Nansoshop4 years ago

Tänään verkkokaupassa #blackfriday #nanso kaikki tuotteet vähintään -30%