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Musopia aims to help hundreds of millions consumers to learn to play instruments and the 16 billion dollar musical instrument industry to increase their sales. With recent partnership news, we are now ready to take the next steps in our growth plan.

Musopia was founded on a vision that music brings joy to individuals and connects them. Our founders, as well as our personnel, have a strong connection to music and a wish to help other people enjoy music and play instruments.

At the same time, we are very business oriented, having an executive team of entrepreneurs that have created new companies and done successful exits with them. We know that in order to deliver value and joy to our customers for a long time, we need to run a sustainable and profitable business.

We have recognized and lived through the digital revolution that has changed how we learn things, as well as witnessed the structural changes in the music industry. Building on the Finnish strengths of excellence in education, traditions of music, entrepreneurial ecosystem, and thriving gaming industry, we have grown Musopia from an innovative startup into a fast growing international success story.

Musopia Apps8 months ago

Data Analyst and music lover! This is for you! @MusopiaApps is looking for their future #head of #Analytics #helsinki. Apply by the 20th of Oct! #data...