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Melobee is a discovery platform for independent music. It empowers listeners to discover new music tailored to their individual taste and provides artists with a self-controlled route to success, allowing them to monetise directly from fans.

Why Melobee?

We’ve always been told what to listen to, whether we realise it or not. Nearly all the tracks we hear, via adverts, chart shows, radio, films, and even the new music playlists on streaming platforms, have been pushed there by an elite network of big record labels, management companies and shiny PR firms. They know that the more they play you something, even if you hate it at first, the more familiar it becomes, until you end up singing along anyway.

Currently, the music industry profits from an old system that strips artists of their freedom, creativity and the rights to their music. Music consumption is booming, but what we consume is dominated and controlled by major labels.

Here at Melobee, we think that’s bulls**t.

People have different tastes. We like different foods, we wear different clothes and we come from different places. So why are we all being played the same kinds of songs? The stuff we’re hearing is such a narrow selection of what is an incredibly vibrant and eclectic global music scene.

We think you deserve music you want to hear, not music you’re told to listen to. We think artists deserve a fair shot. We want to see people-powered charts, not charts controlled by big record companies who churn out the same-sounding music week after week.

So we made Melobee.


Melobee’s mission is to redefine music discovery by creating an ecosystem that enables a direct artist-to-fan connection, liberating artists and empowering listeners to curate, influence and connect.

How does it work?

For Listeners

Melobee is independent music discovery that is tailored to you.

You pick the genres you like, and we play you new music from those genres. You like the track? Swipe it up the charts. You don’t like it? Swipe it down the charts. We’ve got a name for this. It’s called The Discover. Artists on The Discover don’t need big money behind them: Their music speaks for itself, and succeeds or fails based on whether you swipe it up or down.

Melobee enables you – the listener – to create a world around your taste in music that other people can see. Swipe up on a track and it’ll appear in your followers’ feeds. Create a playlist of tracks you’ve discovered and your followers will be notified so they can follow it. If you were the first to swipe up on a song that ended up topping the global chart, other users will see that you were the first to discover it.

With Melobee, you can become a global curator, influencer and tastemaker.


For Artists

Melobee empowers independent musicians to get heard.

When you upload your music, you can submit one track to be put onto The Discover, where our unique algorithms match up your track with listeners around the world who’ve chosen to hear music in your genre.

Tracks on The Discover rise or fall in the charts based on listeners swiping them up or down. Every new track placed on The Discover gets an equal number of listens, and listeners are played new tracks at random, based on their genre preference. Listeners can only vote once for each track they hear, and only for tracks that are on The Discover, which ensures a fair voting system.

It liberates artists from having to chase a record deal, because they’ll gain visibility based on listeners swiping them up charts. This creates a level playing field for artists and means that our charts are uncorrupted: They are based on listener swipes only, which enables artists to succeed without money, PR or a record label.

When artists upload their music to Melobee, they are confirming that they own and have rights over the content they are uploading. Artists can delete all their content, as well as their accounts on Melobee, anytime.

Watch our Head Of Music explain Melobee for Artists:

Company Presentation

Make sure you check out our full Company Presentation here, and download it from Dropbox so that the video and other links are clickable:

Dropbox link to presentation

What have we done so far?

We launched a Beta version of our iOS, Android and Web platforms in late September 2017 and since then, without any marketing activities, we’ve grown into a community of 12.000 artists from more than 100 countries.

What we are doing now?

Right now we’re working towards for the next step in user acquisition phase — listeners. We’re developing our product with listener-focused features that will ensure high engagement, retention and of course, organic growth of the user base.

Where we are going?

Here’s what our tech flight path and development plan looks like over the following months:

April – September

Up until September we’ll be focusing on two key areas:

-Developing, streamlining and strengthening our platform for massive global growth in 2018.

-Simplify the platform as much as possible. We want to focus on our core – music discovery – and make it easier for users to understand what Melobee is. For example, our main menu is currently comprised of Wall, Charts, Discover, Search, Profile, but we will be simplifying it to just 3 key features: Feed, Discover, and Charts.

-Make the platform hyper-connected to ensure rapid organic growth. Melobee already connects artists directly with listeners. We will now expand on this so that people can follow playlists, and be able to see on their feeds the music that listeners they have chosen to follow have swiped up on. Users will also be able to share Playlists and Profiles more easily throughout the platform.

-Build self-gratification features for the listeners to ensure engagement and retention. This will be achieved through an improved and personalised sharing system, as well as providing users with the ability to create a customised profile so that they can build their musical identity on the Melobee platform.

-Add a communication system to boost engagement and community growth.

-Improve the look & feel of all our digital content so that it speaks a clear language.

-Strengthen the filtering system for content going into our discover feature to ensure quality content for the listener.

-Set up all data points and tracking systems to ensure lean management and optimisation of our KPIs throughout marketing and product.

-Filling our pool of quality independent artists on the platform through a global team of highly connected people in the underground music scene, whom we call Melobee ambassadors.


September and beyond (2018)

-Add gamification and tweening features to boost user retention.

Add statistics features to ensure more engagement, specially from artists but also listeners, e.g. so they know which songs they were the first to swipe up, or what positions in the charts the songs they swiped up on are.

Engage in marketing activities test and boost.

Focus on global growth.

Start implementing our monetisation strategy, and develop key features for it on the platform i.e. Live Streams feature where artists with Premium Subscriptions will be able to live stream directly to their fans and get virtually tipped by them.

Company Roadmap

Make sure you check out all the attached PDFs to see our detailed execution plans for 2018.

Business Press

Digital.di article in Swedish

Behind The Scenes

Check out the latest episode of our ‘In Motion’ vlog where we document building Melobee from the ground up:


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