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With Mekitec you will invest in a technology company (SW, automation, electronics and mechanics), a company already up and running with revenues over €5M and with more than 700 food X-ray systems supplied in over 40 countries.

Mekitec for Safe Food – the Best Value in the Industry

Mekitec is a leading vendor of X-ray inspection systems for the food industry with growing revenues of over 5M EUR during the previous fiscal year. The company built a global presence with a staff of 50 people and sales offices and distribution centers in Finland, Hongkong and Dallas, Texas in the USA. Commercial and technological leadership resides at the company headquarters in Oulu and Espoo and at a fully-owned design, manufacturing and assembly operation in Xian, China. Mekitec is already one of the 10 largest food industry X-ray inspection system vendors in the world and is taking market from the incumbent competitors. 

The Problem

Today’s food manufacturers spend increasing amounts of money and resources to protect their brand image from safety and quality problems. The potential challenges are numerous: a concern about foreign objects such as pieces of stainless steel, glass or hard plastic in packaged food, risk of having a broken chocolate bar, a donut without jam or partially filled up box of cookies and many more. In 2015, it was reported in the USA that Kraft Foods recalled 242,000 cases of its Macaroni & Cheese product because “metal shards” were found in some boxes (Washington Post, March 18th, 2015). It is easy to imagine how worried consumers get with this type of news and how much money the company would lose. As recently as in 2016 Mars had to recall chocolate bars in 55 countries (The Guardian, February 23rd 2016). According to the newspaper the recall had a total cost of tens of millions of euros.

Mekitec Solution

The solution to the above is Mekitec X-ray inspection system that provides detection of foreign objects and allows verification of the desired quality parameters such as correct and shape. Mekitec X-ray systems look for presence, form and shape, completeness and integrity to verify the safety and quality of the food produced.

Mekitec is already a known name in the global food industry through its globally installed base of more than 700 systems. Five years ago, Mekitec entered the global food X-ray inspection market by introducing an X-ray system at a completely different price point than ever before offered. Traditionally X-ray inspection systems for food industry have been extremely expensive, bulky and difficult to use. The food industry had preferred to stick with their old ways of using mostly metal detectors for quality inspection. Metal detectors detect metal only which is not enough for thorough quality inspection. Additionally, metal detectors cannot be used at all on common manufacturing lines that use metallic packaging materials. The benefits of the Mekitec X-ray system are that they can be used on metallic packaging lines, they detect metal and other foreign objects and they may also recognize other quality problems. Since 2012, Mekitec has been providing the food industry with high-performance small and compact simple to use X-ray inspection systems with the best value in the industry. Today, there are satisfied Mekitec customers in more than 40 countries.

Mekitec’s heritage in X-ray technology comes from its founders, Mika Niemi and Mikko Nuutinen, who also founded Detection Technology Oyj, a designer, manufacturer and provider of X-ray detectors. Detection Technology quickly became a leading global vendor of X-ray detection cards and was later listed in Nasdaq First North in 2015. After selling Detection Technology Oyj in 2006, Mika and Mikko founded Mekitec to apply their X-ray experience and knowledge to the challenges of the food industry. Mekitec challenges many vendors of metal detectors and old-fashioned bulky X-ray inspection systems. Mekitec has established a global presence after having its first product in the market for only five years. Sales and customer support for Mekitec are enhanced by a continuously expanding distributor network. 


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NEW Mekitec website is here 👩‍💻❗️Take a closer look at and let us know what you think!

A new face you might see adventuring on the website is our very own MEKI mascot. Tell us what is your name...

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Packaging World wrote an article about us:

Visit our booth US-7103 at #PACKEXPO Las Vegas if you want to see the MEKI C system in action!


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Check out what Packaging World wrote about us and our exceptional MEKI C X-ray inspection system:

Can't wait to showcase and officially launch the system at #PACKEXPO Las Vegas in September. We are located at the...

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We're proud to be exhibiting at #IBIE2019 in September 8-11! Visit our booth 4869 to see the new MEKI C and MEKI ONE models in action.

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Attending #IBIE2019 show in September? Stop by our booth 4869 to see our newest system models MEKI C and MEKI ONE in action!

You can also bring your own food products for free on-the-spot testing to witness the detection performance...

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Here they are - two new additions to our MEKI product family!

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Curtain-free X-ray inspection in a compact package! The new MEKI C X-ray inspection system ensures that food producers get the best value from their Critical Control Point. Learn more and download free datasheet!