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Master Car is a growth-seeking trade-in car dealership which is specialised in imports and additional services. Our vision is to build a car dealership chain in Finland and then expand abroad. We love cars and it shows in everything we do!

Master Car’s business is based on the sale of used cars, both through a car dealership and its website, low fixed costs, quick turnover of stock and integrated services. The aim is to offer the customer the best possible service comprehensively, all from under the same roof.

A trade-in car dealership with the best service

Master Car is a marque-independent used car dealership. We offer a full range of services and we take providing exceptional service seriously. A satisfied customer is the best marketing – good service gets the customer to return and to tell about our business to other people too.

Customers receive the following services from Master Car:

Purchase and sale of used cars

-Imported cars and domestic trade-in cars

-Sale on consignment

-Tailored import of cars according to the customer’s wishes

Car financing services

Insurance services from all Finnish insurance companies

Servicing and repair workshop

Car wash


Additional insurance

Sale and storage of tyres

Home delivery of cars and fetching of trade-in cars

Our professional import makes us stand out from our competitors. We carry out both mass imports and tailored imports of individual cars directly to our customers. Our range of services also makes our service rather unique in Finland. Our customers can buy an imported car that meets their precise wishes, get financing for the car and sell their old car to Master Car in exchange.

For the love of cars

“When I told my wife that I was going to start following my dreams, she thought at first that I would start to write poems. I started to sell cars instead. For when has any poem created such a storm of emotions as a Porsche?” – Toni Mattila, founder of Master Car

Master Car was founded for the love of cars. The founder, Dr Toni Mattila, made his first calculations on a car dealership of his own already in 2007. After he met experienced car dealer Tuomo Ritvanen in 2009, the plans slowly assumed a more precise form. The men met regularly and combined their views of a recipe for success in car dealing. Tuomo had experience from a functional model in the field and a view of how things could be done even better. Toni brought to the equation diverse expertise in business and business growth.

Master Car was founded in 2014, as Mattila made a successful exit from his health care business. After suitable facilities were found and rented, the first branch was opened in June 2016.

“My 4-year-old daughter says the she will become a racing driver when she grows up, because ‘cars are just so much fun’. I could not agree more!” says Mattila. Genuine enthusiasm and love for cars is behind all we do.

Strong expertise in buying and selling

Due to the Internet, buyers of used cars have become extremely price-conscious. We aim at a quick rotation of stock, and this also guides our pricing. The key to business success is professional buying in both Finland and imports from abroad. Good purchase prices also enable aggressive sales pricing.

The professional import of cars is backed up by both strong expertise and good international networks. We import both slightly used and inexpensive cars for our stock and individual cars according to our customers’ wishes as tailored imports.

We monitor customers’ purchasing trends and react to them quickly. At times, trends change even at the level of individual models, and purchasing behaviour is generally guided by price class. We acquire the kinds of cars the customers want to buy, and currently this means cars priced from €12,000 to €15,000.

The gross margin from an individual car is the difference between the sale price and the acquisition price (including any expenses caused by the purchase). The gross margin target of Master Car is approximately €4,000 to €6,000 for imported cars and €3,000 to €4,000 for cars traded in by customers. During the last accounting period, the average gross margin was €5,052 and the average car price €17,033 (turnover of €3.7 m; 220 cars sold).

Additional services from car financing to tyre storage support the business and improve the gross margin.

Utilisation of digital channels

In trade-in car sales today, the Internet is the most significant channel and nearly all our customers search for cars online. The Internet has made buyers extremely price-conscious, and they also appreciate the ease of buying and selling. Succeeding in price competition is a must, but ease is also important – customers are sometimes even prepared to pay a bit more for a car if they are able to sell their old car smoothly at the same time. Digital channels are an essential part of making things easier for customers.

In addition to our own website, we make use of all the most important digital channels, such as Nettiauto and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram). Sales are also helped by our own YouTube channel, which is unique in the field. The Autotohtori Mattila videos always get several thousand views on different channels. The videos increasingly lead interested buyers to our branch and on to sales.


We have an enormous appetite for growth, which is rather rare in the used car field in Finland or elsewhere in Europe.

From the beginning, our vision has been to build Master Car into a used-car chain and a market leader in the field, first in Finland and then also abroad. The expectations for future growth also involve the planned wholesaling of used cars. With an import company, we would be able to increase the volume and turnover of our car sales considerably.