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We want to offer the best way to prepare a delicious and healthy meal at home! KomeroFood brings joy and experiences to everyday life in an environmentally-friendly way. By investing in KomeroFood, you will be investing in the future of food.

It is challenging to keep up a healthy and balanced diet in the midst of busy weekdays. Komero meals are designed to solve this challenge. Preparing a Komero meal feels even relaxing – just like in the cooking programmes. All you need to do is to pour the pre-measured ingredients on the table and start an enjoyable cooking session.

KomeroFood Oy (FI26767656) was established to solve the common problem that is familiar to all families: “What should we eat today?”. Pekka Nuutinen, the founder of KomeroFood, finally got frustrated with this age-old question while doing his grocery shopping. Pekka consulted his friend and contacted top chef Henri Alén, whom he had never met. Then, Pekka gathered a team and KomeroFood was born.

Since KomeroFood was founded, it has already brought joy and relief to the everyday lives of tens of thousands of people! KomeroFood offers meal bags that are available in grocery stores for consumers (Komero bags). A Komero bag contains Henri Alén’s recipe and all the ingredients for a meal for two or three people. Cooking a Komero bag meal is so easy that even a child can prepare a delicious meal for the entire family. The bags contain just the right amount of ingredients, which means that no food waste is produced.

According to the company the team is strong, products superior and growth potential significant. Approximately 50% of the current turnover comes from K-food stores (one of the largest Finnish grocery store chains) and 50% from S Group’s stores (one of the largest Finnish grocery store chains). The number of stores selling Komero bags expanded to over hundred stores in 2018. We have optimised our logistics to fulfil the needs of the growing number of stores selling our products. For example, any K-food store can order our Komero bags directly from Kesko (their normal Finnish retailing conglomerate). Therefore, we can fully concentre on sales, marketing and business development.

By investing in KomeroFood, you will be investing in the future of food!

There are several megatrends that will strongly shape the food industry over the next ten years. In a recent study The European Commission has also identified a need for change towards a more sustainable food system. In addition, we have identified some megatrends and motives which have relevance for KomeroFood’s operations: 


  • The importance of leisure time is increasing
  • People are increasingly interested in their own wellbeing
  • Environmental wellbeing is considered important

The underlying motives that the company believes will have an impact on the sales of Komero bags:

  • Ease (time-saving, no need to ponder what to buy from the grocery store)
  • Self-image (am I eating correctly, is my child eating correctly?)
  • Experiences (I managed to do this by myself, better taste, doing together)

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Our eating habits have a significant impact on climate change. With regard to the greenhouse gas emissions, food contributes almost as much as transport or housing. By gradually shifting to a diet that contains plenty of vegetables and minimising food waste, we can all take action to prevent further climate change. KomeroFood offers everyone an easy and delicious means to create a more positive future.

At the same time, people spend less and less time with their families. Many children hope that their families would spend more time together. A shared pleasant cooking session with the children creates a memorable moment in the midst of everyday life. This is how children will also learn to cook and find the joy of cooking. One day, when you arrive home from work, you might find a home-cooked meal prepared by your enthusiastic child waiting for you. 


KomeroFood’s mission is to offer the best means to prepare delicious, healthy and environmentally-friendly food at home.

  • In our opinion KomeroFood has tremendous growth potential. In 2018, the turnover grew on average 13% per month from August to December. Our aim is to increase our turnover for 2019 up to EUR 700,000. Our annual growth objective for the following years is approximately 60–200%. More information on the turnover growth rate is provided in section “Valuation”.
  • The food industry is undergoing a major change. This creates opportunities for new brands to grow extremely fast. The company believes that KomeroFood has great potential to be one of the most interesting brands in the food industry and this is further speeded up by Henri Alén acting as a public face for the company.
  • The Komero team has strong expertise and competence both in scaling the business as well as executing exit strategies.
  • Company owners include, for example, top chef Henri Alén, Mika Sutinen who increased the turnover of Musti ja Mirri Oy (a Finnish pet supply store chain) up to EUR 200 million as well as TukkuHeino Oy (wholesaler and importer of daily consumer goods) who possesses strong food supply knowledge, led by Petri Heino.
  • The comapny estimates that in 2022 the company will generate a strong profit, which will enable dividend payment to shareholders. We also believe that our company will then be an attractive acquisition target for large food industry operators. More information on the exit strategy is provided in section “Valuation”.
  • In our opinion KomeroFood is not just a remarkably good business case, but also an excellent way to have a positive impact on climate change and wellbeing of people.

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Hey @HenriAlen.

Vähän semisti epäreilua, että oon tehny perheen parhaat savulohipastat, mummon reseptillä ainakin kolme vuotta.

Sitte vaimo tuo kaupasta sun Komero savulohipastan, joka menee ekalla kerralla heittämällä ohi mun vuosien uurastuksen.

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Oletko kokeillut tehdä Komero-ruokia retkeilyn lomassa? 🤗 https://t.co/VjnLXQu8Ki