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We are the first in the world to bring unpasteurised and additive-free raw smoothies in self-service format to consumers where they are, in an internationally unique and scalable concept. Now you have the opportunity to smooth up the world with us!

Karli, formerly known as Tiki Smoothie Bar, is a Finnish smoothie bar-concept unknown to the world before! Our unique concept is to be the first in the world to bring unpasteurised, additive-free, healthy raw smoothies, rawthies, in self-service format to consumers almost everywhere!
Buying a take away-smoothie from our self service Rawthie Bars is fast and easy but most of all healthy!

Our energetic and effective team of entrepreneurs has already successfully built a scalable concept internationally and across market segments and now we need your help to make a breakthrough on new markets and make Finland the world’s newest raw-smoothie exporter.

We warmly welcome you to join our journey as an owner in our company.

What is raw?

By raw we mean completely uncooked smoothie and juice. Almost all ready-to-sell smoothies and juices sold in convenience stores, are pasteurised. The process of pasteurisation kills delicate nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes, and the product is essentially cooked. We do not process our products at any stage, because natural nutrients make our products unique. For example, the health effects of raw blueberry and other berries cannot be denied, and this is precisely what we hold dear.

Our smoothies are always “rawthies”, since preserving all possible nutritions in our products is a matter of honour for us!

Where did it all begin?

Many of us are constantly on the move and life is hectic to begin with. It is a real challenge to find healthy, nutritious but fast nourishment. Thanks to demand and trends, supply is constantly growing, but it is, however, often limited to coffee shops and juice bars in city centres. This was actually the problem we wanted to solve; a healthy nutritious snack should be available for everyone.

Our experience tells us that you can release an unbelievable amount of your internal potential by taking care of what you eat, and now it is easier than ever! As active people and sport enthusiasts we have long considered proper nutrition one of the most important elements of wellbeing and stamina. Smoothies have been a daily part of our diet for at least a decade, as they are an extremely easy way to eat your daily vegetables and to get the necessary vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients from natural sources.

Tired of carrying blenders and shopping bags full of vegetables, we decided to solve the problem ourselves. Our idea was nourishing raw smoothies made of real raw ingredients, self-service, wherever, whenever, and in a time-saving way.

In the early summer of 2016 the world’s first self-service raw smoothie concept, TIKI Smoothie Bar, was lauched. We developed three nutritious and healthy rawthie flavours, a machine suitable for self-service rawthies (together with the manufacturer) and used our well-known distribution channels from the market of the salads bar-concepts. The result of all the hard work, was a self-service concept already seen in over 30 places in Finland and Sweden from where you can buy a rawthie fast and easily.

From TIKI to Karli

After about a year from founding the company, we felt we were doing the right things and we were happy about the warm welcoming our rawthie-concept had had on the market. One thing bothered us though, – the name of our concept.

TIKI represents the renewal and fertility of nature. Although our values were aligned and we really liked Tiki as a brand, we felt that the name did not symbolise us as entrepreneurs or our domestic values and raw-materials.

In our products and choice of ingredients, we wanted to highlight Finnishness, so we decided to rebrand our concept with emphasis on these values in the autumn of 2017. This project is ongoing at the moment.

Part of the rebranding of our concept is a new look, meaning that the sales premises themselves convey the message of our values better.


approved us for their Tempo programme, which is being used to fund the project. The outcome of the project is a ready concept and a self-marketing sales outlet package for the international markets.

Karli is a good name for building a new brand on, as it is a Nordic name and does not bind us to anything already in use.

This round of funding is at the same time a launching campaign for Karli Smoothie Bar and a new beginning. All this is fresh and so new that there is a possibility that you can still find some old Tiki material at our Bars on the market.