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KarhiaPro, patented in Europe and the USA, is the world’s first dog coat stripper with sales already in 26+ countries around the world. Now the company is ready to tap into the growth opportunity in Europe and the USA.

So that all dogs could feel and look good 

At Karhia, our mission is to make all dogs feel and look good all the time. We achieve this by developing tools for professional groomers, breeders and responsible dog owners caring about the well-being of the man’s best friend.  

All wire-haired dog breeds must be frequently groomed by removing the old dead hair with a method called stripping (also known as plucking). Removing the old hair makes way for new, healthy hair to grow. Frequent grooming is important for the well-being of the coat, which also directly reflects the overall well-being of the dog. 

Stripping has been done manually, by hand, as there haven’t been any alternatives before Karhia developed their solution. Hand-stripping the coat is both time-consuming and causes a lot of stress, especially on the groomer’s fingers. Many professional groomers have had to stop hand-stripping due to the stress on fingers. For dog owners, hand-stripping causes also a lot of costs; professionals recommend grooming to be carried out approximately 4 times per year, and the average price for hand-stripping in Europe is about 70 euros. Hand-stripping a large dog or a dense coat can cost more than 200 euros.  (source: Interviews of professional groomers and dog owners, Karhia Innovations Ltd). 

Founding story

Karhia’s story began when mechanical engineers Markus and Sami got frustrated to hand-strip their own wire-haired dogs. The brothers started to develop a mechanical device that could do the job faster, with better grooming quality and without any stress on their hands.

Karhia’s first product, KarhiaPro was launched in December 2017 at the Helsinki Dog Show. Now, with shippings to 26+ countries around the world, the company is ready to tap into the growth opportunity especially in Germany, Netherlands, UK and the USA. 

KarhiaPro – the world’s first electric coat stripper 

Karhia Pro, patented in Finland, Europe and the USA,  is a professional quality coat stripper for wire-haired dogs – designed together with grooming professionals, to meet the needs of professionals, breeders and quality-conscious dog owners. Karhia Pro coat stripper works just like groomer’s hands, but faster and with higher precision. The coat stripper replicates the hand-stripping motion and gently removes the old hair amongst the new hair. The machine is attached to a regular vacuum cleaner.

Key benefits 

  • Less strain on hands 
  • Better grooming quality
  • Faster grooming 
  • Doesn’t cut the hair
  • Improved grooming capacity and ergonomics (professionals) 

What has happened since the last funding round? 

Karhia carried out its first funding round in June, 2017. During the funding round Karhia won a 40,000 € investment at the Wave 2017 Pitching competition, organised by Y-Invest Ltd. The funding round closed on 30th June, 2017 with 343 % of the minimum target raised. 

With the funding, supported with a R&D loan from Business Finland, Karhia launched KarhiaPro in December 2017 at the Helsinki Dog Show. The following milestones have been achieved since the previous funding round:

  • Patents approved in Finland, Europe and the USA 
  • Development & scalability of production & assembly line
  • Product validated by professional groomers, breeders and dog owners around the world 
  • First batch of KarhiaPro’s sold out faster than expected 
  • 10+ retailers, mainly from international markets, acquired with very little investments on sales & marketing 
  • Shippings already to +26 countries, from Europe to Australia and South & North America. 
  • Streamlining the organisation and internal processes for better cost-efficiency (see Financials section for more info)

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