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InvestorConnected helps entrepreneurs, investors and lenders make better decisions about the businesses they care about. Using the platform you can create pitches, generate financials and value businesses all in one place!

InvestorConnected was founded by two people that have significant experience of the investment and accounting worlds, Thierry Clarke and Jeremy Hunt. After spending many years talking to both investors and entrepreneurs, they realised there was often a huge disparity between the way in which these two halves of the funding ecosystem communicate and interact with each other.

Although there has been a lot of development in the small business funding market over the past few years, most of the offerings have tended to solve only one side of the equation (either looking at entrepreneurs or investors). Below we have outlined some of the key issues which existing platforms still don’t address.

Pitches are difficult to create and tend to be inconsistent in structure (missing out key information investors / lenders need)

Financials are of great concern to investors, but entrepreneurs often struggle to generate these and present them in an effective way

Investors / lenders who are offered hundreds (or even thousands) of potential businesses opportunities have no easy way to filter and / or analyse business pitches and financials

Valuing small businesses is often a key when looking at investing in equity, but to do it through accountants or consultants is often costly, time consuming, opaque and inconsistent

All of the above issues centre around one key problem, the way in which information required to receive or offer funding for a business is gathered, structured, analysed and presented. Thierry and Jeremy’s vision was to create an online platform that both standardises and automates the processes of business funding, and then use this infrastructure to develop solutions that connect both sides of the market, and provide better insights. Whether you’re a startup, scaleup, investor or lender, as long as you’re interested in funding the InvestorConnected platform can make the process easier, cheaper and more efficient!

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Check out our first in a series of informative content which discusses which channels you should consider when funding your business.

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Not only do we work with investors and entrepreneurs on the ground we also work with policy makers. Happy to be at the #wbis2020 with all the Western Balkans presidents

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