Invesdor Ltd.

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Invesdor is the leader in European Digital Fundraising with a proven track-record ready to start the next phase of growth by commercializing its proprietary technology platform.

Invesdor is a digital fundraising platform that connects European companies to investors worldwide. It was also the first platform to receive a Europe-wide investment firm license (MiFID) for reception and transmission of orders, placing of financial instruments, and investment advice. The license allows Invesdor to offer its services to both unlisted and listed companies, including IPOs. Invesdor has developed a proprietary technology platform that enables unparalleled user experience throughout the investment process.

Invesdor Oy, the mother company of the Invesdor Group, was established in Finland in 2012. Over the course of its history, Invesdor has acquired over 36,800 registered users from 151 countries and completed successfully 115+ funding rounds totalling EUR 52.6m (incl. 6 IPOs). As a testimony of Invesdor’s rigorous quality management, 95% of the funded companies are still active despite a generally high rate of failure among start-up companies.

Invesdor has continued international expansion and has currently offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and London. As a preparatory measure for Brexit, Invesdor’s management plans to close the London branch at the end of June 2018 and focus fully on the Nordic operations. Invesdor may still accept target companies from the UK for the time being.


Strategic Ambition and Key Choices

Invesdor is on a mission to bring about digital disruption in the financial services industry and showing that investing and fundraising can be simple, user-friendly and quick. The company’s strategic ambition is to be recognized as a leader in European digital fundraising. In addition to continuing to strengthen its position in digital fundraising business (“”), the company has recognized a significant growth opportunity in Europe and beyond for its proprietary technology platform business (“Invesdor Technologies”). The technology platform business would enable Invesdor to enter new large markets which would otherwise require significant branding and marketing efforts that are beyond Invesdor’s resources.

Invesdor Technologies is to be the next growth leap for Invesdor. However, this funding round is based on Invesdor’s existing fundraising business. The purpose of this funding round is to start growing Invesdor Technologies. Invesdor will look to raise a bigger equity funding round at a higher valuation in the near future for continued growth of Invesdor Technologies.


In this material, the name “Invesdor” is used to refer to the Invesdor Group, which comprises the mother company Invesdor Oy and its wholly owned subsidiary Invesdor Services Oy.


Exhibit 1: Invesdor’s strategic ambition and summary of business areas (larger images available in the attached investment presentation)