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At the vanguard of the market, InsightsAtlas unleashes the benefits of an advanced AI already today by combining mass human intelligence with advanced machine algorithms. Invest in our preferred B-shares to support our international growth.

InsightsAtlas combines mass human intelligence with advanced machine algorithms to solve the most demanding analytics challenges of our time. The solution allows InsightsAtlas to equip clients with the benefits of an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) from tomorrow, already today. Currently, the focus is on analyzing the biggest data repository in the world – the Internet and specifically social media – for the greater good of clients. 

Addressing largely untapped market that is projected to grow over 430 % in the next five years, the company is at the forefront of a major shift on the market from traditional tools to more modernized services. With its SaaS product on the market, in 2018 over 90 % of revenues recurring and marketing automation engine ready, the company is now ready to properly boost its international growth. We estimate our revenues to grow more than tenfold in the next three years. 

So far, InsightsAtlas has been focusing on its enterprise and medium-sized B2C clients from various industries ranging from Food and Beverages to Gaming while gradually beginning to internationalize its business. Amongst the clientele are, for instance, some of the biggest advertisers in the Nordics as well as global market leaders within their segment (see the website for detailed case stories).  As one of the next steps, the company aims to open a self-service online sales channel to enable increased scalability and faster overall growth. 

The Social AI concept was born back in 2016 when the company founders were working closely with their early clients, applying primitive crowdsourcing models to their customer insights processes (a company’s Customer Insights Process typically means activities that relate to customer data and customer experiences, feedback and requests about the company’s brand, product and services and how these are then being utilized to further improve products and services as well as overall business and customer experience). It quickly became clear that the biggest problem wasn’t the lack of data but the lack of reliability in the results that traditional analytics tools based solely on machine algorithms were producing. The situation was extremely bad. Data and analytics were incorrect to such an extent that companies could not trust their insights anymore to effectively use it to their advantage. No machine in the world could understand neither several languages (often written with strong dialects) accurately nor sarcasm/irony – the predominant tone of communication on the Internet – the way a human can. 

With the rapid evolvement of social media during the last few years and the vast amount of data points it potentially provides to businesses, the problem grew even bigger. Pictures and videos started dominating the way of communication online (i.e. just on Facebook, even over 90 % of posts typically contain either a picture or a video). Analyzing only “text” wasn’t feasible any longer. Companies were drowning in bad information. Something needed to be done. It was time to declare a war against inaccurate and false data.

InsightsAtlas Social AI automates the use of millions of native in-market human analysts as part of the analytics process integrated with machine algorithms. At the same time, it takes advantage of each action and conclusion made by those analysts and uses the information to teach algorithms to constantly become better. The solution makes it possible to interpret and understand even the most complicated content and its different nuances accurately. For example, besides text, the service analyzes the sentiment from pictures and video clips that consumers have posted online about different products and brands – a task that has proven to be almost impossible or inefficient in many ways for machine algorithms and emerging AIs. InsightsAtlas’ SaaS solution transforms raw data originating from social media and other online sources into meaningful, ready-to-use analytics and insights that are mass-tailored for the client organizations’ specific needs. The benefits are plentiful and come in the form of increased visibility and ROI (Return on investment) for marketing activities, as well as better strategic control of communication, but most of all clean and accurate data that can be used for multiple value-adding purposes. 

Our mission and vision

Our mission

We aim to be the most preferred and responsible analytics provider in the market for clean and accurate data that can be used for better strategic and tactical decision-making and improvement of future business-critical processes and solutions (like chatbots for instance). 

Above all, we believe that in the modern-day world, every company is entitled to clean and accurate data to fuel their business and decision-making instead of making compromises with quality and relevance.  Clean and accurate data is the value proposition that will completely change industries in the future. 

Our vision

To become the market-leader, first in Europe, and in other markets to follow. 

Why Should You Invest?

1. Fast-growing market (CAGR 28,2%, CAGR=Compound annual growth rate, see the picture of the growth at the end of the presentation in the “About Financials” section)

  • Enough room and potential on the market
  • Many new industries (e.g. Pharma) only just beginning to adopt the solutions 

2. Unique service solving crucial customer pain

  • Amount of images and videos has exploded and demand analysis besides text
  • InsightsAtlas has the strongest / most innovative / cost-effective tech to do the job with high technological barrier-to-entry

3. Basic fundamentals are in order 

  • Product is good and working, high gross-margin, satisfied customers
  • Solid pipeline, low customer acquisition cost in comparison to life-time value, CLTV/CAC >10
  • Strong team
  • Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Platform already created

4. Great investment structure for private investors with liquidation preference (1x) + 3 % interest

InsightsAtlas1 year ago

InsightsAtlas provides 100% accurate data from social media. How can it be utilized?

1) Qualitative and quantitative tracking

2) Competition benchmarking

3) Industry tracking and trend spotting

Would these be of...

InsightsAtlas1 year ago

Most important aspects of functional social media analysis:

1) Listen to other brands and topics too, not only your channels.

2) Aggregate visual data and natural language, not only text.

3) Filter irrelevant data before the analysis.


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