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Finnish Music Hall of FAME provides an unique opportunity to enjoy music and theme restaurant. Whether you are a fan, family, tourist or music enthusiast, you are in for an experience like no other. Invest yourself to be part of the music history!

Unlike a traditional museum Music Museum Fame is a totally new and highly innovative concept which has never existed before. Our aim is to bring something unique and revolutionary to the cultural scene of Helsinki – and to the world. The venue will utilize latest modern technology, such as virtual and augmented reality to create an immersive multidimensional music experience for all senses.

The storytelling, visualization and experience is taken into a totally new level through a new software built specifically for entertainment and exhibition venues such as Fame.

For an investor this music themed entertainment concept and venue is also a scalable business thanks to its technological, innovative software products aimed for the international market.

Finnish Music Hall of Fame – a unique concept

Music Museum Fame – the venue – will be built in Tripla Mall, the new “heart” of Helsinki. Tripla Mall is the new shopping and entertainment megamall, only a five minute train ride from downtown Helsinki and it is expected to have 100.000 visitors per day due to its central location and role as a commuter travel central hub.

The uniqueness of Music Museum Fame is based on using the newest audiovisual technology combined with VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) solutions that enable an unforgettable interactive, multidimensional experience for all visitors.

The content is – true to its name – based on Finnish music, artists, composers, performers and other enablers of the Finnish music scene throughout the decades as well as into the future.

Music Museum Fame will present more than 200 Finnish artists, musicians, bands, composers among others through music videos, interviews, photos, personal stories, artifacts and so much more.

The experience is not limited to just listening or seeing, but you can also interact by singing, dancing, taking part in a concert or experiencing what it is like being in the middle of a music festival. All this without leaving the premises – and more. There will be something for all audiences based on Finnish music presented in a new way and format. And after the multisensory experience at Fame one can indulge in enjoying culinary delights for all senses at the music themed restaurant inside the venue.

Fame is utilizing the expertise and collections of various highly respected and acknowledged parties in the field of music and music history. We are working together with artists, institutions, such as the National Museum of Finland, record labels and many more. While relying much on Finnish expertise, we have also done our research internationally. As an example, the ABBA museum in Sweden has been one of many inspirations for Music Museum Fame and our aim is to live up to our name. Our goal is to attract more than 100.000 visitors every year.

A museum documenting the history of its chosen theme, while being an entertainment venue at the same time is not as common concept in Finland as it is in other parts of the world. You may have heard of other Hall of Fames, such as e.g. the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

Being a privately run museum and entertainment venue enables us to be agile, renew and update the content and experience quickly and stay current with new music phenomena and performers entangling Finns – and the world – around their finger.

True to its name – of course – there will be a Hall of Fame as in any such venue around the world. This one will be composed of great Finns who have given something spectacular, a talent or achievement in its own class to the world. And it is a great way to celebrate and honour the work and genius behind Finnish music.

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