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Fafa’s is a leading fast casual food chain in Finland, that is expanding at an exceptionally fast rate. The most significant franchise partner, S-Group, will enable rapid expansion throughout Finland.


Fafa’s’ number of restaurants increased to 27 on 11.10.2018 as a new Fafa’s opened at Sello in Espoo.

In 2011 we opened the first Fafa’s restaurant at Iso Roobertinkatu in Helsinki. We wanted to serve exceptionally delicious fast and casual food in a place that would be very unique – not only in Helsinki – but as unique as the places you’ll find when strolling through the streets of New York or London. Now after a few years, we can proudly state that we have developed something noteable. Our success story has lead us from one of the most popular restaurants in Helsinki, to being the leading fast casual restaurant chain in Finland.

Our business in Finland is rapidly growing and profitable. We do not yet have the same experience in international operations. Because of the realised and projected growth and profitability for Fafa’s Plats, which operates the Finnish side of the business, it’s a company whose shares we can proudly offer to a wider shareholder base. All of the information presented in this document applies to only Fafa’s Plats Ltd, Fafa’s’ operations in Finland. The company structure has been visualised as an attachment in this investment material, which can be found at the bottom of this pitch.

Where Did It All Begin?

Fafa’s comes from the love for good food, and a humble and innovative approach to restaurant development. We started operating from a small restaurant on Iso Roobertinkatu in the heart of Helsinki. The next restaurant opened in Kallio, next to which we had a garage from where we managed the company operations right up until the 20th restaurant.

Whilst planning our first restaurant in Iso Roobertinkatu, we decided to do something that would not only be unique in Helsinki, but would be stylish and of high quality on any metropol in the world. Our goal from day one was for the restaurant to be an essential part of the city street scene and the go-to place for anyone looking for the best fast food in the city.

Our original menu was created through experimenting – what do people really like and what makes them return time and time again. Piece by piece, we created good recipes and operating models. As a result, Fafa’s quickly became a modern classic and the first major Finnish fast casual restaurant chain in Finland.

Our Values ​​That Guide Our Actions

Love for the game:

At the core of our business is the love for good and fresh food and everything related to it. A strong restaurant culture can’t be created without every employee believing in what we do. We appreciate both long-term work and the passion for developing the business.

An international and relaxed atmosphere:

From the beginning, it has been important to us to create an atmosphere in all restaurants where guests enjoy themselves and employees genuinely enjoy working. Our employees represent more than 40 nationalities. A better food culture is a shared vision and the positive atmosphere in our restaurants has become one of Fafa’s most prominent characteristics.

Supporting the community and responsibility:

Supporting communities is an essential part of Fafa’s and its reputation. Examples include the sponsorship of young sports enthusiasts and less well-known niche sports, and the donation of radio advertising time to smaller companies. The responsible way of thinking is visible in our activities, and also in our continuous investing in more environmentally friendly operating models.

What is Fafa’s Today?

We are Finland’s leading fast casual restaurant chain. Currently, we have 26 restaurants and, as a chain, we employ around 250 people. Fafa’s’ food is based on southern Mediterranean cuisine and about 60% of our sales are from vegetarian dishes.

Our excellent reputation and well-known brand is based on both the unique food and the relaxed and honest atmosphere of the restaurants. The core of the business is to make good food available for everyone and serve fast food in a new way.

The rapid expansion of Fafa’s and it’s huge popularity have proved that our concept really works. Our restaurants undoubtedly have a unique product and reputation. We even dare to claim that Fafa’s food has redeemed its place as a standard of quality for fast food.

Where is Fafa’s Going?

Our current expansion rate is exceptional on the Finnish scale. Today, the chain consists of 26 restaurants and according to our expansion plan we’ll have 40 next spring. By the spring of 2022, we are aiming to open the 100th Fafa’s restaurant in Finland.

Despite the tremendous growth rate, we have managed to keep our business running profitably and keep a strong financial position. A growing and profitable business provides plenty of opportunities to further develop operations.

Fafa’s’ growth strategy focuses on two areas:

New restaurants

New restaurant openings

Restaurant openings by franchise partners, i.e. S Group, and private entrepreneurs

Concept and other development of Fafa’s

Agreed of the launch of the Fafa’s product line in October in selected food stores

Design development projects such as the stand-alone (drive-in) restaurant and new digital services

Bursa, a young gourmet burger chain

The graph below shows projected restaurant openings in Finland until 2022.