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Up to 60% of our clothing ends up gathering dust in the wardrobe. Reselling them reduces the need for producing new, reducing textile waste and pollution. This is where Emmy, Finland’s largest online store for second-hand brand clothing, comes in.

Our wardrobes are full of garments that are never worn. Up to 60% of clothing bought new ends up gathering dust. By recycling such items, we can reduce the need to make new ones, while helping to protect the environment. This is where Emmy, Finland’s largest online store for second-hand brand clothing, comes in.

As Finland’s largest online store for used brand clothing, Emmy is much more than an online flea market. The company, which started out as a living-room storage space, now inspects and handles more than 1,500 products a day and aims to double this number in 2019. Shopping at Emmy’s online store is fun, inspiring and sustainable. For sellers, it is an intuitive turnkey service that helps to realise the sleeping cash hanging in their closets – sellers get up to 80 % of sales.

Emmy is aimed at ordinary people who prefer high-quality, durable clothing, think economically and care about the environment, but lack the time or energy to sell themselves. Through Emmy, shopping fans who value responsible spending can find great brands at a great price. 

With Emmy, you can enjoy fashion without burdening the planet. Emmy is set out to make buying second-hand clothes more fun than buying them new. Carbon-neutral shopping reduces the need to buy new and is environmentally friendly. For both nature and consumers, the best way to recycle is to reuse a product in its original form.

One of Emmy’s aims is to steer consumption patterns towards high-quality, sustainable products that retain their resale value. This is reflected in the collections stocked by partners such as Stockmann, Reima, Papu, Polarn O. Pyret and Kaubamaja. These partners benefit from the resale market created by Emmy, which raises the value of high-quality, durable brands, making them more attractive buys, whether new or second-hand, because of their resale value.

Emmy stocks over 80,000 products. To offer an unbeatable user experience, Emmy has developed powerful tools for browsing its product range and has launched innovations such as picture browsing, to make scanning large numbers of products easy for the buyer. This has resulted in the tripling of Emmy’s sales each year since its establishment. Emmy delivers everywhere in the EU and serves their customers in Finnish, Estonian and English.

Emmy’s competitive edge

Compared to many actors and platforms, one of Emmy’s clearest competitive advantages is that it does all the work on the seller’s behalf – a sharp difference to most platforms. This makes Emmy ideal for people who lack the time or inclination to sell for themselves – i.e. a very high number of us.

Emmy exclusively focuses on clothing, footwear, bags and accessories. When all products can be handled and stored in the same way, operations remain efficient, regardless of volumes. This strong specialisation also yileds benefits in Emmy’s skills: Emmy’s staff can process, describe, evaluate, price and inspect clothing quickly and efficiently. It also benefits customer service: Emmy’s staff are experts on the products they sell.

Emmy’s focus on fashion has also guided its marketing, which has been shaped to suit the fashion and clothing sectors. Emmy’s marketing is targeted, conveying just the right message to the right target groups.

Emmy engages in unique cooperation with several retail chains on the placement of its drop-off boxes, and a wide selection of gift cards for receiving sales earnings with extra benefits. Developed by Emmy, the unique dorp-off box network enables unbeatably easy and convenient one-step delivery of items for sale while visiting shopping malls and department stores on other business.

Emmy also has a proprietary product and inventory management system that has been developed since founding. This combines seamlessly with the work done by staff, providing a head start of several years on new market entrants.

Emmy has a recognisable brand and a loyal customer base. Among our sellers and buyers are users who fall in love with Emmy ‘at first sight’, with as many as three out of every four using the service again.

Our achievements to date

  • Over 400,000 products processed for sale
  • Circa 80,000 products for sale right now
  • Circa 300,000 products sold in almost 60,000 orders
  • More than 50,000 products donated to charity
  • Over 50 drop-off boxes in Finland and Estonia
  • Circa 150,000 unique website visitors per month right now

The potential of pre-owned clothing

People’s closets are full of clothing that is worn seldom, if at all. Studies show that over 60% of clothing owned by Finns has not been worn in the last 12 months [1]. With clothing sales worth €4 billion a year [2], this means roughly €2 billion a year of unneeded garments left languishing in closets in Finland alone. The sum is a hundred times greater at European level [3]. This is not just a question of money, since the clothing industry is a major environmental burden [4] [5], polluting more than aircraft and vessel traffic combined. By recycling unused clothes, we can reduce the need to make new ones and help to protect the environment.

Emmy is helping to create a future that we’d prefer our children to inherit. Despite the fact that our planet cannot even cope with our current consumption levels [6] [7], the consumption of water and raw materials, and carbon dioxide emissions, are expected to double by 2050 [8] [9] [10]. It is therefore crucial that we reduce the one-off usage of products including clothing. Emmy aims to create a functional secondary market for high-quality, durable clothes, encouraging people to buy at least some garments second-hand. Buying a used product reduces textile waste, which amounts to 70 million kilogrammes per year in Finland alone [11]. Used products are often durable and of reliable quality. 

Emmy has so far helped to save [12] [13]:

  • Over 280 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • Over 550 million litres of water
  • Over 100 tonnes of textile waste 
  • In addition, over 50,000 garments have been donated to charity

A transition in consumption and retail

The future of retail is tied to the future of the planet. We need highly functional, high-quality circular economy services that reduce environmental damage. Clothing is a key area in which one-off use can be reduced by recycling more and lengthening the service life of garments, particularly quality products. Large-scale sales of recycled brand clothing will reduce the industry’s footprint and incentivise the manufacture of durable products.

Retail is undergoing a major transition. Previously, the rise of e-commerce was thought to pose the greatest threat to brick-and-mortar stores, but an even greater change is emerging – environmentally-aware consumers. People simply no longer want to buy everything new. They understand that, to reduce environmental damage and halt climate change, we must switch to more durable and environmentally friendly materials. This can already be seen in consumption habits and the strong rise of Emmy, Tori.fi and other circular economy actors. The textile industry aims to respond by finding alternatives to environmentally burdensome cotton and plastics.

Emmy is a reliable company, growing rapidly in a changing sector where buying second-hand clothing will become commonplace and even fashionable [14]. People will only buy new for big occasions, or when they cannot find the right second-hand product. The age of disposable fashion is over.

Five reasons to invest in Emmy

1) Emmy is the future
Emmy is the future of the planet, climate and environment. It is also the future of consumption and the enjoyment of fashion. Retailers must change in step with the world. A secondary market for high-quality clothes benefits all parties.

2) Emmy’s concept works
Customers love Emmy and continually give positive feedback. Satisfied customers – both sellers and buyers – return to Emmy more often than other online stores. Both the environment and customer’s wallets benefit from shopping with a good conscience.

3) A large and growing market
Finnish consumers spend over €4 billion a year on clothing; for Europe, the figure is overa hundred times greater. Studies show that over 60% of the clothing in our closets has remained unworn for over 12 months, a source of vast, hidden sales potential.

4) Emmy is an attractive investment
Emmy has an excellent track record in growth and international expansion, as well as responsibility. It continues to expand in Europe and invites investors to become part of its growth story.

5) Act now
Consumption of the planet’s resourcesis expected to double by 2050. Because current consumption is beyond the planet’s carrying capacity, we need to take prompt action in reducing new production and move towards more sustainable solutions.

What our customers say

“The bag I ordered matched the description and stated condition 100%. The service has been fabulous, and I want to say thanks for the excellent customer service and really fast delivery.”

“I got just what I expected: the clothes smelt fresh and were very clean, despite some being sold in ‘satisfactory’ condition.”

“Super-fast delivery and the clothes were in great condition! A wonderful concept – thank you ♥”

“A wonderful store! I fell in love with it at first sight and ordered right away!”

“Fast service, clothes in good condition and the sizes given were a perfect match, based on my understanding of the size chart! THANK YOU – in many ways, much better than many stores selling new clothing :)”

“Thank you! You’re doing amazing work. Thankfully, there are people in the world who think about consumption the way you do.”

“It really is brilliant when someone does the selling for you!”

“Wonderful to be able to shop ecologically online, what’s more, for high-quality brands at reasonable prices! I will definitely order again and recommend you to my friends.”

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