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Distence is an IoT technology company that introduces intelligence to industrial machines and equipment. We specialize in demanding environments in a fast growing market. Invest in a growing Finnish enterprise that offers intelligent IoT solutions!

Distence is an industrial IoT technology company that specializes in demanding environments. Distence’s solution embeds intelligence into industrial machines and equipment and connects them with business processes. The solution is suitable for both new and existing machines.

Industrial machines and equipment, such as motors, pumps and gears, are valuable assets. But first and foremost, they can be critical elements in a company’s core processes. Up to 80 per cent of the lifecycle costs of machines are made up of factors that can be affected, such as energy consumption and maintenance. For example, 32% of the lifecycle costs of a pump are related to energy, 20% to maintenance, 9% to idle use, 9% to use and 7% to the environment (Tom Dabbs, Plant Performance Services Group). Considering the lengthy lifecycles of machines—up to 30–40 years—these costs can become multiplied over decades.

Digitalizing these machines and equipment makes the condition, use and operation of the machine visible as part of the business process. This information can be used to enhance the productivity, energy-efficiency and safety of the machines or to create completely new intelligent services. Digitalization enables the extension of the useful life of machines worldwide and the modernization of existing machinery without the need to replace old machines. The end result is a higher rate of return for industrial capital.

Distence’s solution is based on over ten years of experience in producing information in demanding industrial environments. Distence has provided its solutions to leading industrial companies in over 40 countries, making thousands of machines intelligent. Its Finnish and Swedish customers include Moventas Gears Oy, ABB, Detector, Lambertsson and Skanska Maskin.

The company has entered a phase of growth. After a long product development phase and making its offering scalable, the company has reached the point where it can focus on internationalization and growth.


Industrial internet technologies at the core since 2012 

Distence’s roots date back to 1998 when the renowned Linux expert Kaius Häggblom established a company called Oliotalo. Under Häggblom’s command, the company focused on coding and project deliveries. In 2008, Oliotalo shifted its focus from product deliveries to the sales of products and solutions.

When the Miston family business purchased the majority of shares in Oliotalo in 2012, its areas of specialization were intelligent, remote, condition-monitoring systems and the design of embedded systems. Four years later, the company changed its name to Distence (Distributed Intelligence), which better reflects its core business.

Nowadays, Distence is an IoT technology business that employs 12 people. Its revenue target for 2018 is EUR 1.1 million. Distence’s objective is to grow its revenue to EUR 9 million by 2021. The company CEO is Kim Korhonen. It operates in Finland and Sweden, and its head office is located in Espoo.

Distence has received the following international rewards and recognitions:

-Munich Cleantech Innovation Award, 2015, first prize (Germany) 

-Kemira Innovation Challenge, 2016, first prize

-TOP 7 – Global IoT Contents and Congress in Beijing, 2017 (China) 

-TOP 25 in Nordic Cleantech Open, 2018 (Sweden)

Join our growth story:

-a dramatically growing market and megatrends support our growth

-a tested and effective intelligent IoT solution 

-SaaS-based business is predictable and not dependent on economic cycles

-an experienced team with over 10 years of expertise and experience in technology and the IoT sector

the focus has shifted from product development to enabling growth

Distence Oy
Distence Oy2 weeks ago

Distence next-generation platform, Condence, gets its own identity with a new logo

Earlier this year Distence released the next-generation SaaS platform, Condence, for rotating machines. The platform is already widely on the market with our customers’ brands such as "Smartbow - intelligent...

Distence2 weeks ago

Condis, The chameleon character in the new logo for the Condence platform symbolizes flexibility of the solution. The fast-to-deploy productized system for rotating machines can be used in a variety of industrial assets and measurement technologies https://t.co/8bPVSxMXrl https://t.co/ICiDdaQGcW

Distence2 months ago

For O&M's and OEM's, getting full transparency, advanced vibration analysis combined with other relevant parameters from a global base of rotating machines means visibility into the asset, how it is used, new opportunities, cost savings... https://t.co/JQowlZCGIK #EdgeComputing

Distence Oy
Distence Oy2 months ago

Distence provides Condence product family that combines both embedded analytics and cloud service. Our software portfolio can be described as a toolbox or library of different analytical options.

The Condence software is divided into two places which are the cloud and the...

Distence3 months ago

90% of the TCO of a rotating machine comes post installation from energy, spare parts, maintenance, downtime. There are billions of rotating machines in the world with lives measured in decades. At #cleantechday in Helsinki this week we show how to tackle...

Distence3 months ago

Distence CEO, Janne-Pekka Karttunen, is presenting on Industrial Asset Life Cycle Management @ecosummit on May 16th. Rotating machines are critical components in pretty much any industrial process you can imagine with huge potential for optimization. #circulareconomy

Distence4 months ago

Reaching the next level in our partnership with @awscloud . Continuous development of the team is a critical component of our success. See you @ecosummit. #EdgeComputing #IIoT #Industry40

Distence Oy
Distence Oy5 months ago

Imagine if you could see from one tool how your assets, rotating machines, are doing, globally. Have full visibility to their health and a continuous finger on the pulse. Dig deep when necessary into their soul. Turn mechanical assets, pumps, motors, gears into digital. This...